Friday, October 02, 2009


True man is unique and distinct individual human being, that is no two persons are alike not even for a twin. Each one is superb in his own nature. Man live on his own accord, walk a path of his own destiny and laid his own way of life, work and love.

One may call his life a failure and may even curse that life. Yet, it is not at all deplorable for one may see significant ideas on that failure that may help lead others to success.

In pursuance of mans objective in life, he may meet failures, frustrations and humiliations along the way in reaching his goal. Insurmountable obstacles will try to stop and ruin ones future but these misfortunes are really part of the life he breathes. It is in this way that man will come to know the meaning of life, that life is but a series of trials of how one could withstand the pain and hardship of living in this world.

In the arts of love, many become brokenhearted because of failure to find solutions to their troubled hearts. As a consequence, many turn to even worst vices, some succumb to insanity, and others destroy themselves in the most terrifying ways. Certainly others could not be blamed because that is the way they wanted to solve their own problems. Love must be understood and balanced by the heart and the mind to its real meaning and intent.

I too had been in loved. I met a girl who made me feel the life seem infinite, like that have no beginning and no ending. I love her. I adored and dreamed her day and night. I saw her in every streets everywhere I walk and in every books I read.I felt crazy of her. I wished she would always be mine and someday be mine alone. Once, I ask myself “what did I see in her that I didn’t see in others?” I really did not know.

Love was with me and life was good but not at all as I thought would be so good. There was a moment when we had to part and whisper goodbye. It was not because we were not meant to each other but because there was a great barrier between us. Her parents, I thought, once told her I could not offer her the things they wanted for her. I could not blame them telling her for it was true. A poor me.

I saw my sweetheart as we parted. I set her free without touching her heart though it was breaking my heart so hard and against my will. But because of love, a true love I could not deny her of liberty, her happiness and wealth others could offer, and I could not. I do not regret though I lost her, for I felt deep in my heart I love her.

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