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The Mandala of Buddha Ratnasambhava and Cosmic Buddhas

The Mandala of Buddha Ratnasambhava and Cosmic Buddhas

This is a magnificent and slightly complicated mandala of Ratnasambhava who is one of the five Cosmic Buddhas. His color is yellow and he is the Lord of the jewel Buddha-clan, transcendent creator of the Buddhaverse of the south, Shrimat the Glorious. He represents the Cosmic element of vedana (sensation) and is the embodiment of slander (pishuna). He presides over the blood in the human system. He possesses the knowledge of samata (equality) and presides over the spring season. Ratnasambhava is associated with the addictions of avarice and pride, transmuting them into wisdom of equality. The earliest mention of his name may be found in the Guhyasamaja Tantra which is believed to have been composed circa 3rd century A.D. He is widely mentioned in Buddhist Tantric works. Out of all description the one given in the Panchakara section of Advyavajra sangrah is perhaps best.

Ratnasambhava is seated in diamond posture in the center of the square of the inner mandala. His identifying gesture is boon granting gesture, with right hand extended down, palm outward. His left hand is in meditation position and holding a pindapatra. There are four gateways in the inner square, protected by guardian deities. The protector deities also guard four corners of the square.

Over the four gateways of outer square are the images of Amoghasiddhi Buddha. The wrathful deities are protecting the corners of outer square of the mandala. The walls of the outer circle are decorated with stylized designs and Adepts. The Ferocious deities are also depicted on either side of each gate outside the walls. The square is surrounded with four circles. The outer one is of charnel ground and stupas, followed by a circle of ground and stupa, followed by a circle of fire fence, which is florally rendered here. Then there is a circle of auspicious symbols, images of Buddha and Adepts etc. After this comes a circle of lotus petals. Here the spiritual realm begins and one enters the mandala.

The Four mandalas of the Cosmic Buddhas are depicted outside the central mandala of Ratnasambhava. The mandala of the upper left corner is of Amitabha Buddha, the god of infinite light. The inner squares of all mandala have four gateways protected by guardian deities. The squares of these mandalas are surrounded with four circles – fire fence, charnel ground and stupas and lotus petals, respectively.

On the upper right corner is the mandala of Akshobhya Buddha, unshakable, the lord of the vajra clan. The mandala at the lower left corner is of Vairochana, the Lord of the Buddha clan. His hands are in preaching gesture. The lower right corner has the mandala of Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of infallible magic. His right hand is in abhaya mudra, while the left hand, held in meditation position, is holding a pindapatra (begging bowel). The upper center is beautifully rendered perhaps with Shadakshari Lokeshvara. His both the hands are in anjali-mudra. A Buddha is seated at the bottom center and is surrounded with wrathful deities. The scene reminds the event of temptation of Shakyamuni by Mara.

The landscape contains the figures of wrathful and peaceful deities; Adepts, devotees; offerings, stupas, lakes etc. The painting has a border of syllable mantra in Tibetan script. This is perhaps a rare and handsome thangka of the Buddha Ratnasambhava. All the figures are brilliantly drawn painted.

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This description is by Dr. Shailendra K. Verma, whose Doctorate thesis is on "Emergence and Evolution of the Buddha Image (From its inception to 8th century A.D.)".

Buddha Mudra

Buddha Mudra


A silent gateway

sitting Zazen

asking, What is this?

what is it that floats from the mind-heart

on a wave of Unborn Buddha Mind?

the first syllable of a word left to dissolve

or a brilliant small bird springing up,

green wings quivering.

the third eye opening,

what does it see?

a metta chant for all beings

for the tender inhalation of awakening

or a flood of tears, jagged and liberating

rolling to the beads of my mala

but there are no answers

only the gateless gate

there to step through time and time again

in Zazen.

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Water: The Most Powerful Element

Water: The Most Powerful Element

OM Times Magazine
February 13, 2011
by Michelle Whitedove

Water is the most important element on earth. We are born of water from our mother’s womb. Our bodies are made up of seventy percent water. The Earth’s surface is covered by seventy percent water. Most plant life is ninety percent water. Humans need to consume water in order to survive. It is a crucial resource here on Earth.

Scientifically and spiritually speaking, water is an important superconductor. Shamans use water to heal, Seers use water as a window, and Priests use water to bless. It can also be used as tool at your bedside to help you tap into the dream time or spirit plane.

There is a secret world related to many bodies of water such as the oceans, lakes, ponds, creeks, and rivers. These waterways are also portals to other realms. The Earth Angels use bodies of water as doorways to our world. The dolphins and whales are spiritual creatures that access these portals. If these mammals go extinct, and leave us, this is a sign to all of mankind that humanity will also perish.

Water is also the most powerful force of Mother Nature, which is the feminine part of God. If you look back through time there are records of cleansings the world with floods, ice, storms, and many catastrophic events that have been conducted to clear an area or population that has fallen from grace. The great land of “Lemuria” was taken back by the sea after one swift blow. “Atlantis” was taken with three hard hits, an entire civilization gone, and the land sunk back into the ocean. The biblical story of Noah is well known, and science is still trying to prove or disprove this world wide flood.

Again today we as a collective group are experiencing Mother Nature’s power on a global scale. The ocean floors are opening, and heat is escaping which is raising the temperature and warming the water. This is causing cataclysmic events to unfold all over the world. Naturally this will affect the marine life. But also it is greatly influencing the land masses above sea level. In the coming years, you will witness ancient civilizations that were lost, and they will rise from the ocean floors. Atlantis will be seen again.

The ocean is still a big mystery to modern men of science, as well as the general population. We have yet to discover what lies in the deep. Truly it is a world of its own, with secrets yet to be discovered. Our oceans can be kind and supply mankind with gifts of exotic foods and the safe passage of ships that travel great distances. But at the same time, if we don’t care for her (the Ocean), she can be quite destructive. It is up to us, based on our actions and choices that will determine her response.

Whether you realize it our not, currently we are experiencing a natural cleansing by way of floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes. The oceans are warming up and its occupants are evolving and some are dying. As I view the globe, I see the Earth has tilted off its axis, the magnetic poles are shifting, and the tectonic plates are moving. This is causing fissures deep in the ocean floor, (many unknown to man) to open and allow heat to escape from the Earth’s crust into the seas. All this movement will cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves.

New Orleans is a prime example of a water cleansing; Mother Earth is cleaning and purging herself from the certain areas that are polluted and toxic. Unfortunately I have been shown that New Orleans will take another hit. The levees will not be strong enough and water will pour though and meet the land. It will simply be washed away with anything else in its path.

Other places will also experience Mother Nature’s wrath. South Florida from the Palm beaches to the Florida Key’s will continue to experience devastating hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes. California’s coastlines will be hit by the oceans moving inland, causing much of the coastline to recede dramatically. Our East coast shorelines will also move inland. Japan and many other islands will be hit by tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes, and flooding.

Why is this happening? Because the Earth is shifting quickly and moving to a higher frequency. As If that is not enough for humanity to cope with, there will also be man made disasters created by our governments. It is a hard fact to look at, and many people will be in denial, but the government has the capability to seed storms, create hurricanes, and direct them to areas that they want hit. Then label them natural disasters. Man should not play God or interfere with Mother Nature. She is very unpredictable in the days that we are currently living. She is doing only what is necessary based on our actions and timing. This is a very special era in the history of the Earth as well as our evolution. I refer to this time as “the ascension” or “The Awakening.”

Think of this as humanity’s time to graduate. Individually, we are being given the opportunity to shift with the Mother Earth to a higher vibration. We have the choice to raise our awareness and consciousness. The solution is for each of us to wake up and take responsibility for ourselves. Each person will need to become spiritually aware and then take action. This will lead to the collective masses becoming awake and active — in turn, creating a powerful shift to construct a better world. The paradise that once was Earth can be again. We are co-creators with Mother, Father, God, and the Holy Spirit. “Free Will” is our birthright. So we have the power to take action and choose to recreate Utopia. The time is now.

I choose hope, love, and light over fear and darkness. It will take twenty five percent of the world population to change our outcome for a better future. That is a small percentage of people, and it proves just how powerful the light and the unconditional love of God is. The part of God that resides within all of us.

Michelle Whitedove is America’s #1 Psychic, having claimed the title by wining Lifetime TV’s “America’s Psychic Challenge.

She works as a Health Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Business Consultant, Psychic Investigator, and Futurist. Know more about her at:

Michelle Whitedove is a featured keynote speaker at the Universal Lightworkers 2011 Spiritual Awakening Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Friday, June 10th – Sunday, June 12th. For more information on the conference, go to

how to recite mantra

When you recite a mantra, you touch the palate with your tongue. In the palate, there are 84 meridian points, 64 in the hard palate and 20 in the soft palate. This vibration goes from the hypothalamus, the one that directs the actions of the pituitary gland, and governs the endocrine systems, or, the one in charge of releasing chemicals and hormones throughout the body, to the brain. This vibration (frequency) releases chemical hormones that balance the body, and have healing effects, emotional effects, and effects on one’s well being.

The water

The water photographs are beautiful and look like snowflakes.

The human body is composed of 70% water. This explains why the vibrations affect us, not only the mantras but also the words we use in our daily lives.

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Feng Shui Your Personal Attractiveness and Appearence

Feng Shui Your Personal Attractiveness and Appearence

It’s no secret that people are attracted and want to be around ‘beautiful and successful” people. Whether it at home , the office or poolside at the hotel complex on your vacation it is no secret that when we see attractive people it is hard not to think , imagine or even fantasize that their looks , and even intrigue cannot but of help made lives easier, smoother and indeed almost trouble free. What does the philosophy and application of the art of Feng Shui have to say in such matters of thought and consideration?

While it is true that attractive and even “beautiful people” can be said to have just as chances & probabilities to life and its benefits and gifts somehow “those people” seem to get ahead. Whether it’s the amount and quality of friends that they attract, the jobs, education and careers they cultivate, or even their vacations and holidays they always seem to get ahead and as well have way more fun.

But what in the end and in essence really makes one beautiful? After all is not all beauty and appreciation ultimately and singly in the eye and eyes and the beholder and beholders?

To the Chinese way of thinking and the basic philosophies of Feng Shui beauty is solely in the eyesight and vision of the receiving party – the beholder. You are what you eat in essence and in this case you are as beautiful as you perceive that are.

Indeed the Chinese – as shown and expounded in the great and diverse teachings and thoughts expressed in Feng Shui have along with, and as a compliment or add-on to the science and practices of Feng Shui The Chinese have developed an old , respected and revered ancient art passed down millennia simply referred to and called “face reading”.

Chinese “Face Reading” in essence and basically is a system or reading, clarifying the vital importance of, characterizing and recording / even cataloging the placements of a person’s eyes ,forehead, nose and even moles as imperfect as they may be. Even simple pimples of the “zits” can be a harbinger of our personal fortune yet to come.

What are some of the lessons and implorations that can be drawn from Chinese face readings? First of all that skin quality itself is of vital importance and may well affect our chances and options in life. Secondly as you well guessed it already, that outward appearance and appearances greatly affects the luck or mazel that a person will experience along the pathways of our lifetimes. Don’t count out simple skin moles and pimples. They too may have great effect in your life and the lives of family and close friends. Again as can be expected facial flaws can draw and even attract problems your way. Noses fortune good or poor fortune yet to come.

In the end while there is no question that Feng Shui and Chinese “face readings” have much to say and great implications for our fortunes or future opportunities along the roads and pathways of our lives it is up to us to make the best of our lives , our assets and indeed lack of assets in particular and specific area. It can be said that “you are what you are and you aren’t what you are not.” Get on with your life and make the best of it. Feng Shui!

What is Hematite

What is Hematite

Hematite is usually a metal silver to black colour. It can also come in a slightly dark reddish tinge. It can often be found with other minerals such as Jasper and Tiger Eye which is known as Tiger Iron. Interesting Facts:
Hematite can become magnetic once it has been heated.
It is bright red when in powder form.
Hematite gets its name from a greek word meaning blood-like from the red colour of the powder form.
Through ancient superstition, Hematite was believed to form where battles had been fought and blood spilt.