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Benefits Of Wearing Thai Amulets

Benefits Of Wearing Thai Amulets
What are Thai Amulets?
Buddha is the national religion of Thailand. More than 95 per cent of the people in Thailand are Buddhist. Buddhist temples can be found all over the country. Similarly, Buddhist amulets and other holy items are very common in Thailand. They can be easily found in Buddhist temples, holy item special shops, shops along the streets and stalls. The designs of Buddhist amulets are more or less the same but the prices are significantly different. Most Buddhist amulet buyers hope that the amulets they have bought can protect them. To differentiate between the genuine and the fake amulets, we need to identify the energy each amulet possesses.

This energy is produced by senior monks, using scriptures, ash and other holy items that come with continuous blessing and chanting which may take few months up to more than ten years. An old amulet is more than half a century old whereas a new one is more than a year old. However, the level of energy cannot be determined by the age alone but more importantly by the monk's personal capability, chanting ability and scripture's incantation. Buddhist amulets, like Buddhist statues, cannot be placed lower than the position of your waist. When getting Buddhist amulets and other holy items to any Buddhist centres, you must get an expert to guide you through the ways to lay offerings, to consecrate, to wear and to chant. The details of these procedures are important.

Why can amulets emit supernatural powers?
The Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat represents the 'righteousness' between the heaven and the earth. So, as long as the Buddhists are 'sincere' and 'faithful', then their 'confidence' will get in touch with the 'righteousness' from the Buddha and Bodhisattva, hence getting support and protection from the power of the Buddha. Their way will then be 'lit' by the 'light of Buddha' and they will lead a happy and satisfactory life, free from misfortune.

However, in the busy life today, probably because of the tense daily life or the influence of merits and interests, the Buddhists treat praying to Buddha, wearing amulets or even reciting Buddha scriptures as ways of getting and hoping for physical comforts and material enjoyment. They know how to demand but they do not know how to upgrade themselves. They do not want to work but just want to get salaries. They just know how to demand for wealth, partners, fame, prosperous business, winning lotteries, bodies that cannot be hurt by bullets and other weapons, and so on, every day. It is really strange as their demands do not accord with Buddha's teachings. So, what do you think the Buddha can do?

In fact, every Buddhist should know Buddha emphasises on 'predestined relationship' regardless of 'good' or 'bad' one. In Buddha's teachings, the 'predestined relationship' that has been cultivated is the cause and effect. Therefore, there are things which we cannot demand. Take gambling as an example.
You wear a talisman that has been chanted and blessed when you go to gamble. You lose in the first round but win in the second and third rounds. However, you lose terribly in the fourth round but win again in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. This whole incident implies that your luck is bad today and you must stop gambling and leave. But, if you are stubborn and still want to try up to the end, then you will lose everything. By then, who do you want to blame?

The incident above, with regard to wearing amulets or talismans, is called 'relationship obstruction'. This is caused by too much of greed and confidence in yourself, making no interaction between you and the talisman. The talisman cannot function and this is the effect of stubbornness.

Lastly, to remind you again gambling is one of the five things prohibited in Buddha. So, please do not treat gambling as your 'career'. It would be the best if you do not gamble at all. But if you really cannot avoid it and find it hard to control yourself, please not to 'lose' your friendship and the 'right Buddha heart' because of gambling, and become intoxicated with your 'strong desire to gamble' and make your life 'hell'.

Why can amulets help prevent misfortune and avoid evil things?
As what we have mentioned earlier, the Buddha represents the healthy trends between the heaven and the earth. Any talismans that are carved with pictures of the Buddha, sutra or incantations means in this universe there is supreme, righteous and wise Buddha. The Buddha's mercy and willingness can help solve all the hatred and resentment arisen for amulet wearers and bring them 'brightness' and 'happiness'.

Wearing amulets that are chanted can help us avoid dangerous situations because of the resonance produced from the Buddha's willingness and amulet wearers' faith When we are in danger, our body will respond to it — our heart beats faster, our blood becomes cold and we will shout in shock for help. When these reactions occur, the amulets we are wearing will respond to the reactions by sending signals to the nearby 'holy spirits' or 'Buddha', 'arhat'; and together with the enormous spiritual power from the Buddha, the amulets will emit unbelievable power to save the wearers from dangerous situations or miseries.
We have heard about the power of amulets and talismans and the disciples who were saved by them. They said in unison that they saw a ray of 'white light' or 'red light' passing by when they were in danger, and they were thrown to few metres away and so escaped unhurt. Those who had experienced it agreed unanimously that the 'light' from amulets or talismans is the symbol of the Buddha's power. And, the power is the 'righteousness' that is specially used to handle evil things and evil force.

However, amulets wearers must bear in mind that if their 'root of trouble' or 'doom' is caused by the karma as stated in Buddha and not evils that want to do harm, then the amulets or talismans will not be able to settle the 'doom' because the Buddha is fair to everyone. The root of trouble caused by us must be solved and repaid by us so that we can reach the complete cycle of the 'state of Buddha'. Only by doing so, it is fair to every Buddhist and the Buddha can then be regarded as supreme, righteous and wise.

The amulets or talismans worn by disciples have its protective functions. They can prevent the evil things or force from harming wearers who have the right faith and 'reciting power'. However, if the wearers are ungrateful, have ulterior motive and do not believe in karma, then they must responsible for the bad deeds they have done. After all, amulets and talismans will not help people to do bad deeds.

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