Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amazing Animals Friendship

BoonLua, a long-tailed macaque, lives with Toby, a rabbit, in the Ayutthaya province, about 50 miles north of Bangkok . This Sept. 6, 2008, photo shows BoonLua at age 6. BoonLua lost both legs and one arm during a dog attack three years earlier. He dragged himself to a nearby temple where he received medical treatment and survived. He now lives in a custom built enclosure with the rabbit.
A wolf and a donkey share a cage in the town of Patok , in northwestern Albania , about 25 miles from the capital city Tirana. This May 9, 2007, photo shows the donkey and wolf together. The donkey initially was meant to be fed to the wolf, which was caught in the northern Albanian mountains. But the animals became attached to each other, cohabitating in the cage and attracting curious villagers and local media.

Auan, a 7-year-old female cat, shares a meal with Jeena, a 3-year-old male mouse, at a farmer ' s house in the central province of Phichit , 281 miles north of Bangkok , Aug. 7, 2002. The animals ' owners say Auan found Jeena three years earlier and afterward became his playmate and protector. They said Auan warded off dogs.

Three-month- old tiger cub Zoya, rejected by her mother, plays with Alsatian puppy Frida, who ' s the same age, in a special enclosure at the Warsaw Zoo Aug. 13, 2008. The dog, owned by a zoo employee, was introduced to the tiger so that she could have a companion for the next few months.

Isabella, a yellow lab at the Safari Zoological Park east of Caney, Kan. , has adopted three white tiger cubs that were abandoned by their mother in this July 30, 2008, photo.

It was puppy love for a duck and puppy in China . The Chinese family had a pet duck, and when they took in an abandoned pup, the two became fast friends. They play together, they nap together, and they are rarely out of each other ' s sight.

A tiny little macaque nestles against a peaceful pigeon on Neilingding Island , China . The macaque was born on the island, but strayed from its mother. After being taken in by work staff in the protective station, it managed to make a most unusual new friend.

A French bulldog plays with a 2-week-old baby Bengal tiger that was rejected by its mother, at Shirotori zoo in Japan . According to the zoo, the dog has taken on the role as mother, nursing the baby tiger as if it was her own pup.

A mouse is granted a free ride by this frog in the floodwaters of a northern Indian town.

Dema, a 26-day-old male endangered Sumatran tiger cub, cuddles up to 5-month-old female orangutan Irma, at the Taman Safari Indonesia Animal Hospital in West Java, Indonesia. Both Dema and Irma were rejected by their respective mothers.

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