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Is it possible?
Unconditional love …
we talk about it, yearn for it, but how many of us actually receive it, or give it? We all want to love and be loved with complete acceptance.
But is it possible?

Most relationship claim to be "full of love," and the participants in these relationships actually believe that they love their partners unconditionally. "It's a term often used to describe a love so complete and deep that there really are no boundaries to this love,"

Love Without Conditions
However, if there are any stipulations -- they must be rich, remain thin, keep their socks off the floor -- then you don't love them unconditionally. You must decide to accept your partner as they are overall, and then proceed to fall in love with the whole individual.

"I believe that its essential for people to be very realistic about ideal notions such as this,"

"In almost any case of professed unconditional love, if one digs deeply enough (and usually it doesn't have to be very deep), they will find conditions attached to the giving of action and feeling.

"By definition, unconditional love isn't just a listing of all the positive characteristics of your partner. You also love them even though they "do this" or "don't do that", and at times treat you in away that may seem unfair.

"Therefore in your adult relationships, one must first be able to forgive in order to feel the joys of unconditional love. Those who find themselves having mercy, realizing that everyone does make mistakes and can still see the good in a person, are loving with full acceptance," ."It's much easier to have this feeling about a child or a dog or a cat, because of their senses of innocence," she continues. Red adds that "only the love a parent has for a child is as unconditional as love can get."

Realistic Expectations

Ultimately Liam prefers to look at unconditional love as an ideal which we can reach in "brief and shining moments." If you can face the reality of our nature as humans as being imperfect, then you can find more beauty and passion than you can ever imagine,"

There is power in learning to love someone as unconditionally as possible. It enables the lover to develop and grow emotionally. "Unconditional love brings the power of growth, expansion and evolution as we move along our soul path. It is an experience we all long for and seek to find in others, but our capacity is limited. We are not evolved enough to hold onto the experience for any great length of time," Liam says.

Ultimately, unconditional love is about relinquishing control and discarding any expectations about love. And as long as that love isn't hurtful to you or the one you love, simply accept this very powerful love, give love, and be surprised where the forces may lead you (both!). It's probably to a far greater place than you could ever have imagined.

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