Friday, March 12, 2010

Why You Should Not Take Revenge

Why You Should Not Take Revenge
by Kathiroly Raj

“An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind” said Mahatma Gandhi but that’s how it seems to be down here in this world. People are becoming blind by not seeing what love is all about.

A lot of people are trying to take the so called ‘justified action’ practicing an eye for an eye but in truth, that’s vengeance in action. Any kind of action done in the absence of love is a reaction of what human beings believes to be righteous.

This is a warring universe. There is a constant war going on between human righteousness and love. The only righteous action should be an act done out of love and love doesn’t inflict injuries. As you said, if we kill someone here, we can be hanged. Not much of a loving reaction isn’t it and if we do follow the way of love here, than the action may appear unjustified towards the killer. It’s as if there is unfairness. What is fair for one person may not be fair for another person.
Karma on the other hand is different. While it may look as if it is an eye for an eye kind of law we can look at karma as a law established to educate souls about love, but man made laws, aren’t really educating souls about love. If look closely, you will find man made laws are teaching righteousness: Human righteousness. The purpose of karma is to teach you about love.

In the end, those who follow man made laws are subject to karmic law too. Karmic laws are natural laws. We all have to learn about love sooner or later. True love is above any kind of law. Love is a law unto itself. The whole aim of life experiences we go through is to find this Love (God). Until this lesson is learned, there will always be conflict in this world.

There is really a difference between what man believes to be right and what nature is trying to do by finding balance wherever there is conflicts. When man tries to be exacting in his revenge or judgment what his is upholding is his own self righteousness. It’s the attempt to preserve of his own ego which will fail in the end.

Nature is on the other hand is constantly preserving the entire universe. It’s really about being selfish and being selfless. If one is selfish he will look to his own agenda as something valid but if he can see love, he will let go his own puny ideas and work with the world towards creating a harmonious world.

Yet, it won’t be easy. The nature of this world is to be in constant dynamic struggle between the good and the bad. It is through conflict that we learn to grow. If there is no conflict, growth will be so slow that we can miss the lessons we are suppose to learn. Conflict inst bad after all. There is a good thing to everything.

It’s how we look at it and the way to do it is to ask ourself, “What is this situation trying to tell me?” There will always be a lessons. We wonder why things are the way they are and that’s alright but many times we fail to wonder why we are in this situation and what we are to learn from this situation. Often it’s a lesson on love.


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