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About Koi Fish Symbolism

About Koi Fish Symbolism
The koi is an ornamental carp and there are at least 14 different classifications of koi distinguished by their color and markings. Many people believe that the koi originated in Japan; however, much of the ancient historical accounts place China as the first home to the koi fish. This fish has been used as a feng shui symbol and cure for thousands of years. Feng shui principles state that the koi is auspicious and attracts prosperity and abundance.

Koi Attributes
Regardless of its origins, the koi is a prominent symbol of feng shui. Many of the attributes of the koi symbolize several lessons and even trials individuals often encounter in life. The koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and even travel upstream.

In fact, one of the oldest Chinese legends tells about a brave koi that fought its way upstream to reach the Longmen's Dragon Gate, a series of caves in the mountainside bordering the Yi River. The fish endured many hardships and overcame innumerous obstacles, but its tenacity helped it to be victorious. Its reward when it finally leapt over the falls at the gate was the transformation from a simple carp into a magnificent dragon god.

Koi as a Chinese Food Source
No symbol in the Chinese culture has a singular meaning behind its status, especially when it comes to feng shui symbols. The koi has a varied background of how it was elevated to the symbol status of being auspicious. One of the things to remember is that in less modern times, the koi was a vital part of the Chinese diet. The farmers raised the fish in their rice fields in a perfect ecosystem. The fish provided fertilizer for the rice crops while the aquatic life found in the rice fields sustained the koi.This is a good example of the balance in life that the koi represents. When times became hard, often during the winter months, the rice farmers would survive by eating the highly nutritious koi. Some feng shui experts believe this history of the koi and its importance in sustaining the Chinese people first as a fertilizing source for the rice crop and then as a direct food source was the beginning of the koi becoming a symbol of prosperity.

The koi is used in feng shui as various symbols. The most prominent one is as a bringer of good fortune, wealth and prosperity. If you wish to be successful in your career, or if you need courage when asking for a promotion, a koi symbol will imbue you with the fish's positive attributes.

Good Luck: The koi is a tried and true symbol of auspiciousness. If you're in search of a good luck symbol then this colorful carp is the perfect choice.
Wealth and Prosperity: If you wish to draw wealth and prosperity to you and your family then buy seven red carp and one black one. The number eight is an auspicious number of prosperity. The black fish will attract and absorb any negative luck destined your way.
Auspicious Happiness: The official symbol of auspicious happiness is that of a young boy holding a carp. The fish is vital to the Chinese culture and the symbol is often combined with other good luck symbols.
Decorative Symbolism: Red envelopes presented as wedding gifts, birthdays, and on New Year's Day are typically decorated with colorful koi often highlighted with gold.

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