Sunday, April 03, 2011

Prayers Nourish Your Soul

Prayers Nourish Your Soul

Prayer develops our soul into its full potential.

Nothing can compare to the inner growth that is available in prayer and meditation. Prayers train and develop the faculties that express more and more of our genius... our fullness of being.

All of us have a mission for greatness in life, and we all share the same 'common well'. Prayer connects us with God and supplies us with the nourishment we need for our self-actualization.

Prayer is that direct pipe-line that accesses the water of life within.

While many can get by with some sort of 'spiritual hydration' from beauty, from good literature... it is in prayer that we draw the purest, cleanest and most abundant form.

Again, it is no coincidence that all of the greatest souls that have shaped the world for the better, have all used prayer as their fundamental tool. That is in itself proof.

The legacy of prayers that we have from the great saints, poets and philosophers can provide you with the nourishment needed to transform that spirit 'seed-potential', into a mighty oak. When you feed your spirit with the exact same nutrients that the Greatest Souls have, - you will know first hand your source of true genius, power and love.

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