Monday, August 29, 2011

Spiritual Power

Power - These gifts do something:

Faith - This is not the faith that is measured to every believer, nor is it "saving faith." This is special, supernatural faith given by the Spirit to receive miracles or to believe God for miracles.

Healing - This is supernatural healing, beyond natural means, given by the Spirit.

Miracles - This is the supernatural suspension of the natural laws, or an intervention by the Holy Spirit into the laws of nature.

- These gifts reveal something:

Word of Wisdom - This is supernatural knowledge applied in a godly or correct way. One commentary describes it as "insight into doctrinal truth."

Word of Knowledge - This is supernatural knowledge of facts and information that can only be revealed by God for the purpose of applying doctrinal truth.

Discerning of Spirits - This is the supernatural ability to distinguish between spirits such as good and evil, truthful or deceiving, prophetic versus satanic.

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