Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Energize Water with Crystals

How to Energize Water with Crystals

Positive ions in air molecules are a type of electric charge that is harmful to your health. Places that are heavily polluted or that have been closed for a long time without air are heavy with these positive ions. On the other hand, the negative ion is beneficial for your health.

Using crystals to structure water will charge it with negative ions, which makes the water healthier as well as the body that ingests it. Understanding the different stones and how they can affect water is the first step in charging water or making elixirs.

Clear Quartz Crystal Points are perfect for this purpose. You can always find just the right size and shape to charge your water with amazing energy. Choosing Quartz points would eliminate any concerns you may have about the clusters such as other mineral inclusions that may contain toxins. Quartz can also be programmed with your intention for an added energy vibration.

Lithium is found in every cell of the human body and greatly contributes to the balance and well being of the body/mind. It enhances the immune system, and vitalizes Prana (life force). Lithium has this amazing calming energy, which soothes and balances the body. If you have trouble sleeping, drink some Lithium in Quartz infused water before bedtime.

Charging water is really a simple process. Using a glass container, fill with distilled, filtered or pure water. Sun Tea Jars or Glass pitchers work great. Some tap water may have minerals and chemicals that react with the crystals, so it is best to filter it first. Simply use what you have available.

Wash the crystal(s) to be used in this process in tepid water and allow them to dry. Water that is too cold or too hot may damage the crystal. I suggest using either single quartz (Clear, Amethyst, Citrine, etc) crystals or tumbles as opposed to raw for ease of use and safety. Many pieces in raw form may break down, causing ingestion concerns.

Add the clear Quartz crystal you have selected to your glass container of water and allow the water to sit for 8-12 hours. You can additionally infuse the water by sitting it in the sun and/or the moon for 8-12 hours. If you do choose to infuse with sunlight and/or moonlight outside, make sure the top of the container is covered to keep dust, bugs and such out of your water. Parchment paper, a glass top or clear wrap will do the trick.

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