Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bracelet of crystals for healing

The first 3 chakras deal with material world issues and the top 3 are spiritual. The heart chakra bridges the gap between the 2 worlds within us.

red - root chakra - survival and sustenance concerns (money, shelter, food and basic material needs)
orange - sacral or naval chakra - physical desires, appetites and addictions
yellow - solar plexus chakra - power and control
green - heart chakra - love - clairsentience
blue - throat chakra - communication - speaking your truth and getting your message across, relating messages from spirit
indigo - brow chakra - clairvoyance
purple - crown chakra - divine guidance
clear crystals balance and harmonize the other colors

mahogany obsidian - root chakra
carnelian - sacral or naval chakra
citrine - solar plexus chakra
aventurine - heart chakra
blue lace agate - throat chakra
sodalite - brow chakra
amethyst - crown chakra
quartz crystal - balances and harmonizes all the chakra and gemstone energies

rose quartz - emotional healing, self-love and love attracting
clear quartz - programmed to attract love
rhodonite - self-esteem, confidence, manifests love energy
amethyst - divine love, psychic connection, transforms negative energy into positive
moonstone - balances emotions, increases intuition

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