Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feng Shui Your Personal Attractiveness and Appearence

Feng Shui Your Personal Attractiveness and Appearence

It’s no secret that people are attracted and want to be around ‘beautiful and successful” people. Whether it at home , the office or poolside at the hotel complex on your vacation it is no secret that when we see attractive people it is hard not to think , imagine or even fantasize that their looks , and even intrigue cannot but of help made lives easier, smoother and indeed almost trouble free. What does the philosophy and application of the art of Feng Shui have to say in such matters of thought and consideration?

While it is true that attractive and even “beautiful people” can be said to have just as chances & probabilities to life and its benefits and gifts somehow “those people” seem to get ahead. Whether it’s the amount and quality of friends that they attract, the jobs, education and careers they cultivate, or even their vacations and holidays they always seem to get ahead and as well have way more fun.

But what in the end and in essence really makes one beautiful? After all is not all beauty and appreciation ultimately and singly in the eye and eyes and the beholder and beholders?

To the Chinese way of thinking and the basic philosophies of Feng Shui beauty is solely in the eyesight and vision of the receiving party – the beholder. You are what you eat in essence and in this case you are as beautiful as you perceive that are.

Indeed the Chinese – as shown and expounded in the great and diverse teachings and thoughts expressed in Feng Shui have along with, and as a compliment or add-on to the science and practices of Feng Shui The Chinese have developed an old , respected and revered ancient art passed down millennia simply referred to and called “face reading”.

Chinese “Face Reading” in essence and basically is a system or reading, clarifying the vital importance of, characterizing and recording / even cataloging the placements of a person’s eyes ,forehead, nose and even moles as imperfect as they may be. Even simple pimples of the “zits” can be a harbinger of our personal fortune yet to come.

What are some of the lessons and implorations that can be drawn from Chinese face readings? First of all that skin quality itself is of vital importance and may well affect our chances and options in life. Secondly as you well guessed it already, that outward appearance and appearances greatly affects the luck or mazel that a person will experience along the pathways of our lifetimes. Don’t count out simple skin moles and pimples. They too may have great effect in your life and the lives of family and close friends. Again as can be expected facial flaws can draw and even attract problems your way. Noses fortune good or poor fortune yet to come.

In the end while there is no question that Feng Shui and Chinese “face readings” have much to say and great implications for our fortunes or future opportunities along the roads and pathways of our lives it is up to us to make the best of our lives , our assets and indeed lack of assets in particular and specific area. It can be said that “you are what you are and you aren’t what you are not.” Get on with your life and make the best of it. Feng Shui!

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