Sunday, August 09, 2009

How to Love Unconditionally


To love unconditionally means not expecting ANYTHING in return. It means to continually put yourself, your heart, out there without ever wanting anything back from someone.
1) Unconditional love takes practice.

2) Learn to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is a great way to untie the grudges from the past and move on to better things

3) Always be sure to give yourself the respect and latitude to be yourself rather than to be what others want or expect you to be.

4) Accept people for who they are and of course yourself you can't change a person if they do not desire to.

5) Be sure to take a risk to be open and vulnerable to who you are with no preset limits or expectations.

6) When you give something, just do it because you WANT to, not out of obligation or for anything other than you WANT TO GIVE IT.

7) Show appreciation and be thankful for all things.

8) Give them compliments when they do a good job.

Things You'll Need:

  • Big heart

  • open mind

  • forgiving attitude

  • gratitude

  • people to love
Camelia says " I give GIFTS because....I believe that the only way for you to get blessed is by being or giving a blessing to others; so don't block the flow."

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