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Healing Hands

Healing Hands
May 30, 2000

Healing Hands

Have you ever felt the palms of your hands tingle, perhaps get warmer - even to the point of being uncomfortable - around someone who was ill? Have you ever placed your hand on someone who immediately exclaimed that your hands felt very hot?
It may be that you have a natural healing ability. Most people who have heard of Reiki may consider this as Reiki healing, and I grant that they are similar. Having a natural healing ability however requires no study, no attunements, and no initiations. Just your compassion and the healing energy you channel will suffice.

If you have read my article on Chakra Healing or if you have some interest in chakra energy centers, you will be familiar with the seven main centers. There are many more minor centers, but for this article I will focus on those in the palms of your hands, and the tips of your fingers.

The minor centers in the palms of a healers hands draw healing energy through the main chakra points, and channel it through the hands to the recipient. When the healer "activates" these centers, the energy is immediately tapped and available for use. Some ways of activating the centers are meditation, conditioning (programming yourself to begin healing at a certain word or musical note only known by you, and only functional when you yourself have spoken it, or sounded it with intent) or physical means such as clapping the hands three times harshly, or rubbing the palms together in a circular motion. In some people, the palm centers will activate spontaneously ( sometimes unbeknownst to the healer her/himself!). This generally occurs around someone who is drastically or terminally ill. Often in these cases, although the person's physical mind may have resigned to the illness, the higher or spiritual mind may be reaching out to the healer's spiritual mind in a plea for help.

In some cases the only thing left for the healer is to help ease the passage of the spirit into the next world. I, as with many others, believe that we have all chosen our time of death, the circumstances, and even those who are with us at that time. Once our higher minds have made that decision and we are one with it, it will happen, despite intervention.

Enough of the dire stuff - how about a "demonstration"? I received review copies of many books in the past few months, one of which being "The Healing Energy of Your Hands" By Michael Bradford (published by Crossing Press). The book follows Michael through the discovery of his own healing power, through to present day teacher/speaker/healer. Descriptions of his various techniques, energy flows, and the physical symptoms of emotional/energetic dis-ease are wonderful - I recommend the book highly for those interested in energetic/spiritual healing.

I quote from "Two Hands Forming A Triangle" (chapter 10; pgs. 150-152).
"A simple, effective two-handed method for removing negative energy is the triangle technique. Here, the negative energy is neither pulled into your hands, nor run through your body. Place your hands palms down, with the tips of your pointer fingers touching and your thumbnails overlapping. Your hands, especially the open area between them, form the shape of a triangle*.

Form the triangle directly on, or 2 -6" (5 -15cm) above the area to be worked on. Visualize and feel positive energy as well as healing colors coming from the palms of your hands and your fingers, penetrating directly into the area in need of healing. As the positive energy penetrates the area, visualize the negative energy breaking up. See and feel the negative energy being pushed up and out through the center of the triangle and being released and immediately transmuted*. This was the technique used to pull the tumor out of the cat**. Please remember to have the person you are assisting visualize the healing process with you."

This method works well for simple pain relief as well as other illness. Since reading the book, I have used the method, with great results. I hope you will too!

*These are marking areas where there were illustrations.
**This is in reference to a story told earlier in the book.

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