Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watering the Seed of a Relationship
Written by Therese Benedict - Authour of Days Go By, Not Love

Communication is a seed that will make a relationship be of bonding, love and respect.

If you do not learn together on how to communicate, you will not be watering that seed. If you do not water, the relationship will wither and/or die. It will only cause resentment, anger, misunderstanding, hurt and sooner or later misery and possibly an end.

When you learn to listen to your loved one, and hear the hurt that was caused and understand that pain can be given when not knowing it was given; you begin to understand how both of you can help build the relationship instead of destroying. This means taking the time to begin hearing, listening and comforting the person that is speaking. It takes understanding, love and the want to help them understand that those intentions were not meant in the way that they were taken. With communication being a strong part of your relationship, it can bring you a bond of love attached with respect. To take the relationship to a point that you will do anything not to hurt the person you love because of the efforts that they put into trying to help the relationship grow.

Know that it will take time to grow and develop open communication in your relationship and understand that as long as you keep working sooner or later it will get better, if both participate. You will recognize and see the benefits of communicating when both parties invest the effort. Some of those benefits will include comfort; you will feel better and will not have to sit in pain or anger. You will learn to express with love and not with loud tones back and forth trying to prove each other wrong.

What people need to understand in a disagreement or a conversation of pain is that both parties can be wrong and both parties can learn from each other. Another benefit is that you build respect for each other's feelings and learn to focus on your actions, so you may protect the person you love from hurt. By communicating you take away resentment, grudges and anger that you can hold inside because you are releasing the emotions that are causing you anguish.

Communication brings you closer and you start to learn more about each other's feelings. You begin to learn about their past and why certain areas of life affect them emotionally. You begin to go deeper inside of each other with situations that you are still trying to heal from and with open honest communication you can help them heal. You learn to trust each other and open up more, so you may speak up knowing that there will be no consequences to expressing your words. Communication is a wonderful way to bond, grow and enjoy the love that is being shared between two people.

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