Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Healing Power of Dolphins

The Healing Power of Dolphins
By Susan Dillon, M.A.
The dolphins are here to bring more light into the world. One of the ways they do this is to remind us who we are. They say we are Pure Light and Pure Love! Let that sink in for a moment. Dolphins are multidimensional unconditionally loving beings. In their infinite compassion and caring for the human race they are bringing us the message that this is who we are also.

Dolphins help heal this planet energetically. They remember their times in Lemeuria and Atlantis and hold that vision for us especially when they are healing the planet by repairing and upgrading the ley lines that connect the sacred sites all over the world and support the spiritual etheric energetic structure of our world.

A purely physical way that dolphins heal is through the high-pitched sounds they make (way out of our range of hearing) they create serotonin in our brains. Have you noticed how happy everyone is when they are around dolphins? I have found that I can call in the dolphins even when I am not physically with them and ask for more serotonin and I then feel a lightness and subtle enlivening in my mood. Just connect with the dolphins in your heart and call their energy in to you. You can do it whenever you wish.

Often when dolphins approach you in the water they will scan you with their sonar. You may hear clicking buzzing sounds as they send sound waves through your body in order to receive back a picture of what is happening inside your body. Dolphin swimmers report that dolphins have even bumped their body with their nostrums (nose) at a place on their bodies where they had a problem and later it felt better or the problem was even gone. I am not sure how this works but it seems through sound they are also able to heal.

What does it mean that dolphins are multidimensional?

Dolphins can exist and function in many different dimensions at the same time as can many spiritually advanced humans. Research in quantum physics now shows us that there are 12 dimensions and we live in the 3rd dimension. In addition to my own experiences-there are many people who have swam with dolphins that report multidimensional experiences such as “no time or space awareness”, a feeling of expansion to include everything or colors and sounds and visions that are not of this 3D world.

Dolphins communicate with us in many ways. When they communicate telepathically the receiver often has a sense of knowing or a sense of feeling in their body. The communication is not always in words but often as feelings such a sense of joy, total acceptance, extreme aliveness and oneness. Also it can be a release of deep-rooted self-doubt, anger or fear. The communication can also be received as an image, like an energy packet, in your mind. These can be scenes where everything seems okay, our life appears sparkling and magical, or you see yourself as the person you’ve always wanted to be. Some of these energy packets continue to unfold for days or weeks after a dolphin swim.

One of the profound healings I had from the dolphins was an experience they gave me of love and totally loving myself that I remember so clearly to this day. That experience shifted and cleared my emotional body and heart so permanently that my experience of myself has been joyously expanded ever since that day. Anyone can have these experiences, which are very healing.

Author's Bio
Susan Lewella Dillon, M.A., is an Intuitive Artist, author of Dolphin Alchemy-the Healing Power of the Dolphins


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