Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tanzan Aura Quartz

Tanzine or Tanzan Aura Quartz is created by bonding a clear natural Quartz crystal with a precious metal infusion of pure Gold , Indium and Nobium - resulting in an immensely powerful protection combination which fuses the Blue and Violet Rays into an iridescent display of Light.

Tanzine is similar to Aqua Aura Quartz but has the addition of the rare element Indium and displays more of the Violet/Indigo Blue Ray color spectrum.

In a secret process which is part alchemy and part science, the three unique substances of Quartz Crystal, pure Gold and Indium are commingled in a permanent way, resulting in the deep Indigo Blue/Violet iridescent rainbow coloring of Tanzine Aura.

Tanzine is similar to Tanzanite in its color spectrum and properties.

Intuitive sources say that Tanzanite is a gemstone which can awaken the mind and heart, placing the mind's genius under the command of the heart's wisdom. It activates the throat Chakra for clear communication of one's highest truth. It can also be used to enhance psychic abilities. Tanzanite stimulates the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. (Continue at top of next column.)

It enhances and combines all aspects of both communication and intuition, allowing the user to adequately communicate visions and mystical experiences and enhances the ability to speak from the higher mind and heart.

The energy of Tanzanite acts as a spiraling force, reaching to invite protection and safety during all activities.

Tanzanite can assist one in encountering the different aspects of the Self and to understand the wonders which exist on all planes of life.

It counteracts one's self-limiting concepts of space and time, and can facilitate encounters with other-worldly beings.

It can be used in the treatment of skin disorders, misalignment of the spine, inflammations, fevers, and eye disorders.

There are legends surrounding the wise men of Tanzania, dolphins and the ancient civilization of Lemuria. It is said that Tanzanite was first discovered by Lemurians who found that the gemstone helped accelerate men's development.
Dolphins were used to transport the Tanzanite stones all around the world, spreading knowledge with it. However, men were not mature enough to keep this energy in balance and the ancient civilization fell.

Tanzanite is said to be a bridge to the "Christ Consciousness" and thought to be powerful in bringing peace and brotherhood.

In addition to transmitting it's own unique vibrational signature, Tanzine Aura Crystal combines the energetic properties of Clear Quartz Crystal with Gold and Indium

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