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Ira Road Cemetery is a small well-kept cemetery of about a hundred graves just south of the Peninsula area, in the Cuyahoga Valley park system, with a large open field off to one side. It is close to a main road with moderate traffic. The earliest burial dates from 1829, with a few right up to the present. A couple of Civil War soldiers are also buried here. Orb activity was light to moderate, with one or two being exceptionally bright.

The area of greatest activity seemed to be centered towards the very back of the cemetery on the right hand side, which would be the southeast corner. Not only was that where most of the orb activity was captured, but also this extremely rare shot of a blue mist in the same area, which was not seen anywhere else that night.

Two EVPs were caught that night, one of which being the most remarkable we've ever recorded. In the first IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2006-1 one can hear a short 2-syllable pharse of word being spoken at slightly faster than normal speed. It becomes slightly clearer here IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2006-1A, but not much. The voice isolated on its own can be heard at IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2006-1B, One cannot make out what is being said other than it is a voice that should not be there.

The second clip is one of the most interesting we've ever caught. One of our group, Pat, had earlier in the spring undergone extensive foot surgery that kept her off her feet for more than two months. At this cemetery is a small park-like bench towards the back. During this clip you can hear the exchange where I suggest that there's a bench nearby in case she'd like to sit for a bit. Pat replies, "No,I'm better off walking" and then goes on to make a comment about a nearby headstone. Soon after starting her comment she is almost drowned out by a voice that seems to be replying "Sit down here"! At first we weren't sure what was being said, but the voice seems to be speaking with either a slight Southern or New England accent. Once my wife noticed that, the rest just clicked into place. The full exchange is heard here IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2006-2 and a shorter, slightly enchanced version here IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2006-2A. This implies that a spirit or entity was not only present, but aware of our conversation as well!


Almost a year to the day after our initial investigation we had an opportunity to revisit both Ira Road Cemetery (also known as Everett Cemetery) and the covered bridge. We arrived about 45 minutes before sunset, and after enjoying a spectacular sunset got quickly to work.

With 5 people present we covered the area in a systematic fashion, concentrating on the back third area of the cemetery where we had obtained results before. Unlike last time, there were almost no orbs photos worthy of note. Immediately after it got fully dark, however (about 20 minutes after sunset), we started picking up a whitish mist that in later photographs seemed solid enough to be compared with the old-fashioned ideas of what “ectoplasm” was. The first photograph (above) was taken by my wife. It is interesting to note that evidence of the mist was captured independently by two different individuals, using two completely different cameras of different makes and manufacturers, which helps during investigations in ruling out a flaw in any particular camera.

In the first few images the mist seemed to build slowly and the pictures needed to be enhanced to see it. Photos were obtained of this patch of mist both near the ground, moving across and among certain headstones, and above near the trees. It seemed to center in that back area of the cemetery and moved along with us as we took pictures. In some case it would appear in a single photograph, be totally gone for the next few, and reappear 3 or 4 pictures later.

The ground was dry and humidity for that day was recorded about 65%. Just before dusk it had reached the high for the day of 75-78, and was still warm enough at the time of the investigation for shorts and T-shirts. The mist moving from one headstone to another makes it unlikely to have been normal ground fog, as does this unique photo of a bright blue patch of mist that was photographed. The vivid blue coloring does not appear naturally, especially at night. It is interesting that a bluish-colored mist was also captured at this same cemetery last year (see above).

These were the most spectacular images we obtained that night. Whoever was present was defintely trying to make itself known. After appearing in various photographs for about a 10-minute period, it slowly faded away and vanished, as if no longer interested in what we were doing.

These two enlargements come from the second and third photos above. These sections clearly stand out in the originals. Are these faces formed in the mist or just the power of suggestion?

We recorded some spectacular EVPs on this visit. My wife Sharon started out conducting the EVP session and caught four different responses over a ten minute period, coming from at least two distinct individuals. It was the closest thing to a "give-and-take" conversation we had yet encountered.

In the first clip, Sharon asks "Is anyone here with us?" and almost immediately gets a response "Yes" from what appears to be a man's voice: IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2007-1. In the next, Sharon says she will leave the recorder at a particular spot. Over her comments can be heard a woman's voice either singing or humming: IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2007-2.

In the third, Sharon asks "How did you pass away?" and the response, again from a man, is the single word "fire": IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2007-3. In the last, Sharon asks if there is anything more the spirits would like to tell us. In the background, again from a woman, is a very clear response "Oh I'm Sad": IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2007-4. These are among the clearest EVPs we have ever recorded, and would definitely be considered of the Class A variety.

Three or four other EVPs were also recorded that night, either noises or voices that didn't belong there, but were either of a much lower quality or otherwise indecipherable. A good example of one of these is IRA CEMETERY CLIP 2007-5, which is just a garbled whispered voice. Other than the fact that it appears to be the same man's voice again, nothing can be made out of it when slowed down, filtered, or reversed. It would fall under the Class C category. Needless to say, it was a very productive and worthwhile visit and we will definetely return again some day.

About a mile and a half down the road from Ira Cemetery sits the Everett Covered Bridge. This bridge is actually a replica built in the 1970's after a series of accidents heavily damaged the original. Local folklore tells the story that on the night of February 1, 1877, John Gilson and his wife tried crossing the creek just north of this location. The horses bolted, tossing the wife out of the wagon, and charged into the bone-chilling creek, now swollen by recent rains. Mrs. Gilson was rescued, but her husband and the horses perished. John's body was finally found four days later. There have been several accounts of restless souls still roaming, only this time, taking the safer route - the bridge. Perhaps it’s John Gilson in his wagon crossing the bridge, trying to make his way home one final time.

There is another possibility to these legends, however. Immediately to the right of the bridge is what used to be Chamberlain (Everett) Cemetery. This was a private cemetery owned by the Chamberlain family. Several decades ago, the cemetery was abandoned, but only a few of the bodies were removed. All of the headstones have since disappeared. Over a dozen graves still remain, forgotten and lost to memory. The spirits of the remaining dead may be upset by this and still roam the area surrounding the cemetery and bridge adjacent to it.

Not far from the covered bridge, the quiet streets of Everett also hold an unknown and otherworldly phantom hitchhiker. The black shadow of a man in a hat has been seen several times walking the dark road between the bridge and the local Everett church. No one seems to know who he might be, and he never stays long enough to tell his story.

On the night we were there, we obtained several good images of orb activity on the bridge. The bridge is closed to traffic and is now only part of a footpath, so it's easy to drive by this lonely setting, especially at night on a darkened road, and miss it entirely.

Several images were taken of the wooded area to the right, in the reported location of where the abandoned and forgotten Chambelain cemetery should be. It borders the small stream that runs below the bridge, and is no heavily wooded and overgrown. It would be difficult to find your way further in, especially at night, without first scouting the area in daylight. Three or four images turned up nothing particularly interesting except trees, but one photograph taken from the road captured an especially strong, whitish-mist in that direction. It is interesting to note that this image was not captured on the bridge, but might confirm the existence of the lost Chamberlain cemetery right where local legend says it should be. (NOAA Weather indicates air temperature at that time was a warm 60 degrees, which rules out the possibility of it being exhaled breath.)

One EVP was recorded at the bridge that is just at the edge of being discernable. After examining the inside of the bridge I move outside to start taking photographs of the outside area, and the wooded area nearby where the abandoned cemetery is said to be located. Soon after I state that I will start taking some views of the outside, a very faint voice is heard seconds later. It might be one of the faintest we've yet captured. Upon cleaning up the audio and amplifying it a phrase is heard saying "help me", as best I can make out. The full untouched clip can be heard at EVERETT BRIDGE CLIP 2006-1 , an isolated and slightly cleaned up version at EVERETT BRIDGE CLIP 2006-1A , and another version slowed down to about 60% normal speed at EVERETT BRIDGE CLIP 2006-1B. What is remarkable is that it was caught at the same time as the mist photograph (above) was being taken, implying a connection between the two. We welcome your suggestions at to what you hear in the clips! We obviously plan on going back for a more extensive investigation at some point in the future.

On our return to the bridge in 2007, after our second visit at Ira Cemetery, we set up our equipment are were able to spend a little more time than we did on our previous visit. Less photographic evidence was obtained this time around, however, and no signs of any mist as we had done the year before.

A number of orb photographs were too faint or unimpressive to be included here, however three very bright orb photographs were obtained surpassing anything we had seen on our previous investigation. The first photo about was taken by me, the next two were captured by my wife. All show a very bright, bluish-colored orb both near the ground and also up near the rafters of the covered bridge, close to where we were investigating.

This photograph, though visually uninteresting, is notable for another reason. On the extreme right can be seen a single orb, beyond the white fence. Rather than on the bridge, it is in the very area just beside the bridge where the lost graves are located. Perhaps it's tyring to show the way?

Not much was caught this time at our second trip to the covered bridge. We did, however, catch one very clip when it was silent and no one was talking. On this clip EVERETT BRIDGE CLIP 2007-1 you can clearly hear the word "danger" near the end of the clip. We did not feel that it meant we were in danger, but rather that a bridge site where past tragedies had occurred could always be considered dangerous. What's interesting is that last year's clip, which might be interpreted as "help me", fits perfectly in with "danger" recorded nearly a year later. This is one of the clearest EVPs we have ever recorded, and would be considered a Class A example. We will continue to study the site in the future. 


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