Monday, July 23, 2012


Singing bowls, produce the primordial sound of ’AUM’: The fundamental utterance of energy metamorphosing into matter. They alter space, mind and time; awakening cellular memory and healing the energy body. The act of listening to their captivating overtones effectively stops one's internal dialog, the ’Monkey Mind’. The individual is transported into a space of tranquillity and balance where the ’Universal Chord’, found within each self, is touched, joined with, and understood. The Universal Chord, if you will, is the primordial substance from which our whole reality is made and from which our universe originated. Although the vibrational energy of the bowls can be directed to a specific area for healing purposes, they work more on a fundamental level.

These instruments are used within meditations and physical vibrational healing techniques. Their harmonic resonance is used to:
#Reduce stress and pain
#Balance energy
#Create vitality synchronization and spontaneous healing
#Effectively alter consciousness into a peaceful and expansive meditative state (trance induction)

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