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crystal & gemstone therapy


People have been fascinated by gemstones and crystals for thousands of years. As children we often had our own collection of stones we found while strolling a beach or camping alongside a stream in the mountains. Some people have used colorful crystals and gemstones for rituals and metaphysical purposes and they have been used for healing because of their belief that they hold incredible powers. Thomas Edison is said to have believed that his success was due in part to a pocketful of quartz crystals he always carried with him. He felt the stones allowed him the opportunity to take notice of his inner self and his creativity.


Crystal & gemstone therapy is considered a form of vibrational medicine involving the application of crystals and/or gemstones to the body's energy centers to facilitate healing. It is based on the theory that gemstones and crystals possess a specific healing energy and gemstone/crystal therapists believe that when stones come into contact with the body, the stone is believed to release and transfer this energy, improving health and well-being.

Like many self-healing techniques, gems and crystals have been an integral part of human history - as talismans, jewels, artwork or remedies. From the Inuit of the Arctic to the Indians of the Amazon, shamanistic cultures throughout the world have valued precious and semiprecious gems for the magical and therapeutic qualities attributed to them. Believing that gems' magical properties extended into the afterlife, the ancient Egyptians buried gemstones with the deceased.

According to current use, certain stones direct their energies toward physical or emotional states; others affect certain organs through contact with the body's related energy centers, called chakras. Crystals, particularly quartz crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz, are believed to possess healing "life energy," storing and discharging this rather like a battery. All of these stones work best when accompanied by a firm desire to improve your health. Despite the skepticism of the conventional medical profession, such theories have been widely adopted by New Age spiritual healers, who use crystals to treat all kinds of physical and emotional problems.


  • Used to enhance the process of healing in the treatment of any physical or emotional condition.

    crystal therapy
    Among the many gemstones said to possess healing energy are topaz (for high blood pressure), rose quartz (for stress), and garnet (for depression).


    Crystals as an aid to healing has generated a lot of interest as also significance in the medical world. However the entire concept of using external aids such as these is not entirely new and has been in use since a long time. In legends, the people of the mythical land of Atlantis used crystals not just for the purpose of healing but also as a means for attaining spiritual growth. They used natural resources to produce remedies and were known to have harnessed the energy of naturally produced crystals to develop a line of treatment. They believed in the metaphysical notions of universal energy and presence of a field of energy around the individual which is electro magnetic in nature. This second self was called auric body and it was as crucial as was the physical body. The curative methods were built keeping these crucial theories in mind. With the aid of crystals and other natural sources, they usually tried to heal the auric body first with the belief that the physical body would follow suit.

    Archaeologists have found various charms and amulets in the graves found in Egypt, Russia, Middle east and Africa. The fact that these gems were placed in graves is a pointer to the immense value they placed on the stones as providers of protection and good health. Crystal skulls were also in vogue in the prehistoric times and were rumored to have enormous spiritual powers. In ancient Egypt, crystals were widely used and this is substantiated by a study of hieroglyphic papyrus from the year 2000 B.C. Stones such as Lapis, malachite, turquoise, tiger's eye were not only used to treat various illnesses, they were also believed to have powers that drew out spiritual impurities and blessed the wearer with superior intellect. Crystal therapy was also very prevalent in the South East Asian countries as Tibet (which used a lot of turquoise to treat illnesses), China (which extensively used jade) and Japan.

    In India crystal therapy was indeed very prevalent and astrological documents dated as early as 400 B.C, as well as verse from the Vedas record the use of crystals, along with flowers, fragrances, animal parts etc, as a means of treatment as well as for attaining higher spiritual powers. Even today, use of crystals to ward off the negative influences caused by certain planetary positions is indeed a flourishing trade. In addition, the indigenous population of America and Australia were also known to have used crystals is their healing processes.



    Natural quartz crystals are often referred to in ancient traditions as the "veins of the earth", frozen water or frozen light. They are formed naturally from the elements silicon and water through a lengthy process involving heat and pressure. They are buried in the earth, usually where the rock is sandstone in nature, or sometimes in streambeds where they have dislodged. They are often found near gold. Varieties of quartz crystal, sometimes called rock crystal, are found all over the world. Currently, the largest numbers of extremely fine crystals are being mined in Arkansas: Herkimer, New York; Mexico and Brazil.

    Their natural formation features six sides or faces with a point on one end, or sometimes on two ends. A crystal with a point on both ends is referred to as double-terminated. They are found in clusters of crystals attached to each other in all directions, or as single crystals when have generally broken off the clusters.

    Quartz crystal stones are both clear and colored. Each color has its own rate of vibration particular to it and different attributed characteristics and powers. The most widely used crystal is the clear quartz. Also included in the family of quartz crystals are amethyst (which are purple in color), blue quartz, rose quartz, citrine quartz (which vary from pale yellow to fiery orange to light brown), green quartz, rutilated quartz (which have in them fine gold or copper colored fibers), and quartz with black, blue or green tourmaline rods inside. Each has its own particular usefulness.

    Energy, in the form of vibration, is projected from each crystal to form a field around it (power of the crystal). Each projected field varies in dimension with each crystal. Generally, a small crystal of approximately 1/2 inch in size will project a field of around 3 feet showing even small crystals can be quite powerful. Larger crystals often, but not necessarily, project a field greater in dimension than small crystals. However, the size of the crystal is not always the determining factor in the size of the projection. The clarity and brilliance of a crystal often are more important in determining the power of it than the size. Generally, a larger crystal can store more energy in it and can handle more energy passing through it. Some individuals will use a large crystal or other stone as a "power stone" in which they will regularly charge and store extra energy that they can tap into later and use.

    Each quartz crystal contains a line of direction along which energy flows when it is transmitted through the crystal. The energy flow in the crystal runs up from the bottom where it enters, up through the crystal and then out through the point. If the quartz crystal has a point on each end, the energy comes and goes in both directions, as in a battery. As it transforms energy, it expands and contracts slightly at differing rates depending on the rate of vibration of the influence to which it is exposed. This oscillation is what makes the crystal so essential in radio and television broadcasting.


    Now that you know something about the physical properties of quartz crystal, you should consider the size, clarity and the brilliance of the crystal as well as for "veils" inside the crystal that you find pleasing to you. These "veils" are something like gossamer webs or slightly opaque wisps of clouds inside the crystal. Internal fractures, sometimes with prismatic color effects can form miniature landscapes, or doorways which seem to draw you inside the crystal. These are called inclusions. Look for any formations caused by tourmaline rods or filaments of gold or copper minerals which may have meaning for you. Rainbows can energize the crystal with their color and etheric nature. Hold the crystal and see how it feels to you. See if it radiates warmth or refreshing coolness. See if the crystal (or stone) has a specific vibrational draw to you and it "wants to go home with you" while you are looking for stones. Consider it a gift to yourself and a form of self-healing. Many believe that certain stones will come into your life when you are in need of them.

    Most systems of crystal lore teach that the tip of the crystal should be whole, not chipped, cracked, or broken off since it is believe that this distracts from or interrupts the energy flow. Often this is true, however, sometimes a crystal is very powerful even though the tips is chipped.

    Sometimes the crystals have been cut and polished into particular sizes and shapes that project energy fields or energy flows particular to those shapes. Examples of this are crystal balls whose round shape sets up a corresponding circular field of energy that seems to easily draw you into its center. Other examples are the crystal cross and the crystal pyramid. Some are polished on one or more faces, but some faces are left rough, creating interesting gazing crystals with the convoluted landscapes inside. Notice whether the lapidary work on the crystal was done consciously, leaving the energy flow intact. Sometimes the energy flow is cut across or cut through, leaving a severely weakened crystal. The lapidary work should leave the integrity of the stone intact, enhancing its power, not diminishing it. If you want a crystal to carry around with you, find one that feels good in your hand. Some are shaped to fit the hand specifically for this purpose. Some are deliberately shaped to be used as a massage tool.

    When you are obtaining your crystal (or other stones), consider how you are going to use them. People who intend to do dream or astral work usually prefer a double-terminated or a herkimer diamond crystal, a particularly brilliant, double-terminated, multi-faceted crystal only found in the area around Herkimer, New York. If you want to direct energy in one direction with your crystal, choose a wand crystal, or a single terminated crystal. Crystal clusters are good for energizing a room or the environment around you. Feel the energy of the crystal and see how strong it is and choose the one that intuitively feels right to you.


    After you have chosen your stones, most people choose to store them wrapped in natural fiber. Cotton, silk or leather if preferred. Be conscious of the color you wrap stones in because the color will influence your crystals and gemstones. Choose a color that feels best to you when you hold the crystal. You may want to store your stones wrapped or unwrapped on an altar or a sacred, special place that they have set up. This allows the stones to be influenced by the purity and light of that space. It helps to protect them against intrusion. You may want to include something with the stones that have special meaning or power for you. This will also influence your stones with its energy. Generally speaking, a stone that you have set aside for a specific use should not be touched or handled by others, just as you would not expose it to any other influences that might interfere with its special function. However, you might want to have some stones exposed for everyone to share in their beauty and unique radiance.


    Anything around a crystal or gemstone will influence the stone. It is important to select metals that conduct well and channel in useful influences. These metals generally include silver, gold, copper, or a combination of these metals. Except in rare situations, do not use anything with lead in it because lead stops or impedes the energy flow of the crystal or gemstone.

    Each metal has characteristics that should be taken under consideration and matched with your own energy and goals:
    • Silver tends to enhance, channel properties of the moon (lunar), water or feminine energy and will magnify stones with this type of energy.

    • Gold has the opposite effect as it tames overpowering stones and tends to channel more solar, fire or masculine energy. Gold is a good choice if you are overly sensitive to a stone's energies since it will lower the pulse of vibration so healing effects are more subtle. This allows the person wearing the stone to have a more comfortable imbalance to balance transition.

    • Copper tends to channel more fire and earth energy.

    • Brass channels primarily fire although it is not as etheric in nature as gold. The vibration of brass is coarser than gold.

    • Metals can be mixed to create a blend of sun/moon or sun/moon/earth energy.

    When considering a piece of plated metal, be sure to check to see what the base metal is. It needs to be of a quality with which you want and be sure to check if it contains lead. Often, an inexpensive plated crystal includes an undesirable base metal.

    Steel is sometimes a useful metal to wear with crystals. It connects you with the earth plane and gives you the strength to maintain higher consciousness as you manifest on the physical plane.

    Aside from metals, crystals and stones may be set or wrapped in other materials such as leather, fabric, or Native American bead work. All of these materials will have influence on the stone an should be chosen accordingly.
    • Leather influences the stone both with earth energy and with the qualities of the animal whose skin is used with the stone.

    • When using fabrics, consider the color and other qualities of that fabric. Consider how it feels. Silk, cotton cord, or any natural fiber is appropriate for use. Synthetic materials do not filter and transmit crystal energy well.

    When you are choosing a metal, generally speaking you will be attracted to the one that is best for you. Use the same process that you used when choosing your stone. Notice what seems to attract or draw you towards it. If it attracts you, it is probably resonating in harmony with you and your own vibrations. Choose that metal. You may find that you need to change metals as your energies shift. They can shift from day to day, in any other rhythm, or not at all. Consider balancing your body energies. For instance, if you feel you have a lot of fire within you and you need calming or softening, then you should consider choosing silver. However, if you tend to be "airy" or subdued and you want more fire energy, then select gold. If you tend to be ungrounded or too etheric, choose copper. Always consider the task you are trying to accomplish in your work with stones. Choose the metal using your own intuition.


    You should choose a piece of jewelry containing a crystal or gemstone with the same process you would choose the stone itself. Use you intuition and choose what you feel most drawn toward. If you are selecting a piece of jewelry for someone else, concentrate on that person as you study the jewelry. As you focus on the pieces of jewelry you will start to vibrate harmoniously with a certain piece (or pieces) and the stone you choose will vibrate accordingly and will be appropriate for that person.

    When you are choosing a piece of jewelry with a stone, notice whether the stone is polished, cut or left natural. Each has its own advantages which should be considered in your selection. A polished stone tends to create a softer, more rounded field of energy. A stone left in its natural form tends to be more laser-like in its projection. A cut gemstone will have its energies influenced by the shape and cut of its edges and facets. Sometimes, polishing a crystal can bring out its brilliance, adding to its strength. Sometimes cutting and polishing a stone releases more of its power. However, the stone cutter must be aware of the subtle properties of the stone when it is cut. If the cutting does not follow the natural flow of energy the power of the stone will be impeded or cut off entirely. A natural stone is not always better than a cut and polished stone, or vice versa. Each stone is unique and needs to be focused on separately as you are making a decision. As you make your choice, hold the jewelry piece for a while and see how it feels and how it will interact with the various energy centers of your body. Again, use your intuition and your sensitivity during selection.


    When you wear crystal or gemstone jewelry, it is important to be aware of balance. You do not want to throw yourself into a state of unbalance by concentrating too much energy continually into one or another chakra point. For instance, if you continually wear a stone on your third eye (located on your brow above and between your eyes), you can become ungrounded and ineffective in the physical universe. So, if you wear jewelry on the third eye or as earrings, it is good to occasionally wear a stone at the navel for a point of balance. Do not use the amplification capabilities of the stone to keep yourself in a constant state of high energy without taking a rest. You can tire the physical body and attract illness. If you find this happening, simply remove the stones from your body and not wear the jewelry for a while. Crystals and gemstones are powerful. When you wear them you have a responsibility to yourself and others around you to be aware of their influence and assess what is happening.


    Quartz crystals and gemstones store vibrations which can come from sources as varied as light, sound, touch, emotions, thought, or the physical environment around them. This vibration can, in turn, affect those who come into contact with the stone.

    Anytime you obtain a piece of crystal or gemstone jewelry or a stone, before you begin to work with it or wear it, you should immediately clear it using a variety of methods which can include using your breath, smoke (smudging) or salt (either in its natural state or as saltwater). Be careful using saltwater as it tends to oxidize some metals, particularly silver.

    It is important to clear any new stones you obtain to rid them of any energy imprints that they may have acquired during their travels and by other people that have held them or owned them. An exception can be made if you can sense every influence in the piece of jewelry or stone and you want it to remain. Otherwise, clear the stone of any influence that has entered it as result of the work that has been done to it and the handling of it. For instance, some of the methods used to work with metal include hammering and applying heat. This can have a very jarring effect on you if it is not cleared before you use it. Remember, when you clear a piece of jewelry, you are not only clearing the stone(s), but also the metal and other materials that have been used.

    It is important to remember that if you are using your stones as healing tools they should be cleared before and after each healing session for the best healing results and to rid the stone of any undesirable influence that has entered it. Whenever it looks dull or seems to lack vitality you will need to remove the energy imprinted and stored in the stone. This removal of stored vibration is called clearing the crystal. Healers will often charge (program) stones to increase or enhance the vibrational energies contained within them. This also will help to protect the stones from absorbing any harmful energies with they are being used during healing sessions.

    There are many effective methods that can be used for clearing or cleaning your stones. You will need to try them and use the method that works best for you.
      SUNLIGHT METHOD: Placing a stone for an hour in direct sunlight is more than enough to clean most stones. Crystals can be energized in the sunlight. Keep in mind that certain stones, such as an amethyst, will fade in color if left out in the sunlight, so use this method carefully. You should keep your amethysts (or other colored stones) out of direct sunlight if you want them to retain their original color.

      SMUDGING METHOD: Cleaning of stones can be done using the smoke of burning incense or herbs, such as sweetgrass, sage, cedar, or lavender. This is a native American method that is effective to clear not only stones and crystals, but yourself, others and the room(s) you are in. You can use handheld incense or smudge sticks or you can put some cedar, sage or sweetgrass in a bowl that is heat resistant. If you prefer, you can use an abalone or other sea shell or container or an incense burner. Light a flame to it, fanning or blowing it until you create some fire and lots of smoke (be careful about setting of smoke detectors in you space if you are indoors). Move your stones through the smoke, or fan or blow the smoke over the stones with your intention being to clear the stones. Continue until the stones looks or seems to be more clear. When selecting sage or cedar to burn, find cedar trees and sage bushes where they grow wild and pick small sprigs. Dry them before you try to burn them. Individual leaves can be used, but they are more difficult to burn than the sprigs. Be sure you do not select branches that will burst into flames that may cause damage. Ground sage from the spice aisle at your supermarket can be used with a charcoal incense block, but it may be difficult to work with. Use the leaves from a cedar tree rather than cedar chips. Sweetgrass is a type of wild grass that grows in many areas of the country. It is not the grass that grows in your front lawn. If you cannot find sage, cedar or sweetgrass, you can use sandalwood incense. If you cannot find sandalwood, use another herb that suits you such as lavender. If you are clearing yourself or others, fan or blow the smoke entirely over the body, head to foot. Fan the smoke throughout the room to clear it.

      BREATH METHOD: The breath method works best with single crystals and stones rather than clusters. If you are clearing may stones at once, the breath method is more time consuming than the smudging method. First, hold the crystal in your left hand with the tip pointing up. Hold the crystal with your left thumb on the bottom and your left first finger on the tip. Hold it about 6 inches outward from the center of your chest. Next, place your right thumb on any face of the crystal. As you do that, place your right first finger on the opposite face from the one under your thumb.

      clearing a crystal using breath

      As you do that, inhale through your nose and exhale forcefully through your mouth in the direction of the crystal. It is as if your breath carries your intention. After that, place your fight thumb on the side next to the one which it covered before. Again, place your right first finger on the opposite face. Inhale and forcefully exhale into the crystal, intending it to be clear. Finally, switch your right thumb and first finger to the remaining two faces. Again, inhale and exhale into the crystal. The crystal is now clear.

      MOONLIGHT METHOD: You can clear and energize crystals using moonlight. Moonlight cleansing can take several hours or several days, depending on the need. Place the stone outside each evening at when the sun sets (dusk) and when the moon rises to expose it to lunar light energy. Retrieve the stone every morning before the sun rises. This should be done every day for 28 days to expose the stone to all the moon phases or one lunar cycle (full moon to new moon). However, a total lunar eclipse is nice, then the lunar cleansing and energizing can occur all in one night.

      WATER METHOD: Stones can be cleared in a natural water environment such as a lake, river, creek, or pond. They can also be soaked in clear spring water in a bowl. Keep in mind, some stones will dissolve in water, while others will take to water like a duck and will do well being soaked in fresh water. Stones naturally obtained from rivers and streams or from the ocean have already been cleansed of unwanted energies from the movement of the water they have been in. These same stones do well with a water cleansing. You can also cleanse stones under cold running tap water, gently rubbing them or brushing them with a soft brush or cloth.

      SALT METHOD: Stones can be cleansed by placing them in the ocean or inside a bowl of salt water or a dish of natural sea salt grains. This is my preferred method of stone, crystals and jewelry cleansing. I put them into a fresh bowl of fresh granulated sea salt and bury them in it for a period of time (timing depends on the stone and how much energy I feel needs to be neutralized in it. It can be for a period of a few days to a full lunar cycle.) Sea salt is inexpensive, a great purifier, and can be reused several times. It should be changed every lunar cycle (28 days) and fresh sea salt used for the next cleansing period. It is also a good medium for storing your stones between uses. Just keep a bowl of sea salt on your altar or dresser where you keep your jewelry and other stones.

      EARTH METHOD: Crystals and stones can be buried in the earth for a ritual purification. Be sure to choose a place away from pollution and contamination. A wooded area in the forest, a quiet place in the sand on a beach of a lake or ocean, or a special place in your garden surrounded by plant life and nature is a good choice. Find a place special to you that you find especially relaxing and recharging.

      ENERGY METHOD: Crystals and stones can be cleansed and charged with your own energy. Reiki therapists can use their Reiki energies and symbols to clear and energize stones. Visualizing white light moving into and through the stone while holding a stone in your hand(s) can cleanse it of any undesired accumulations. When I use this method I will remove my shoes and let my bare feet come into contact with the earth or earth elements (such as wood from my floor) and then cup the stone in the palms of my hands bringing them together encasing the stone, like a chick inside an egg. I visualize white energy moving up from my feet and the earth and from around me from the universe, swirling in sparkling blue-white light growing in strength and power and channeling it through my body. I allow the energy to move through my receiving hand (left hand) through my body and out through my sending hand (right hand... my power hand, since I am right handed) over the stone and back through my receiving hand again, cycling the energy over and over until I feel the stone is cleared and energized. The negativity is removed from the stone and sent into the earth to be neutralized. I use this same method to program a stone for use later.


    It is relatively common knowledge among energy workers and healers that stones and crystals may be obtained but they are never actually "owned" by the person. Stones and crystals can carry very powerful energies that may be too strong when they are used every day. These type of stones often become lost or misplaced, seemingly on their own, either temporarily or permanently.

    I have lost many stones over the years that seem to vanish on me and sometimes, not always, will reappear when they are needed again. It is frustrating, to say the least, to spend money on a piece of jewelry or stone and then to have it vanish. I still have a moonstone ring somewhere in my former apartment that vanished off my hand in the kitchen while standing at the sink. I felt it slide off my finger, but it never hit the floor (like vanishing into thin air without the "clink" on the floor) and it has not been seen since. I have looked many times for it over the last several years until I moved and then I gave up on ever finding it again. A similar loss happened with a fire opal I had and a diamond ring that belonged to my great grandmother. They simply vanished. No amount of searching for these stones or jewelry will bring them back. If it wants to come back, it will show up again in some weird place or another will come along to take its place. Another time I had a silver pentacle ring slide off my finger while showering. It never made a sound and I looked for it for a few years. It should have been inside the tub. However, it did show back up about three years later sitting in the middle of my bathroom rug. It returned on its own. So sometimes they do return.

    So, keep in mind, if you have lost or misplaced a stone, crystal or a piece of jewelry, try not to too feel badly about it since this probably means that it has found a new home where its powers can be better used (or if you have household "spirits", they have decided to use it for whatever purpose they need it for and may return it when they are finished - sometimes I think they just like "sparklies" and hoard them... I have dragons as some of my "household protectors" and they are well-known for collecting these kind of things).

    You may develop a desire to give a special stone or piece of jewelry to someone else that may need it. Stones and crystals are very good at sending us intuitive messages whenever they desire to move on to someone else. It is wise to use your stones without placing restrictions on them for them to do their work.

    crystal hand stones

    Round, smoothly polished gemstones that nestle comfortably in the palm of the hand are said to "flatter" the hand. Playing gently with the stones has a calming, balancing effect (worry stones). It is also thought that these hand stones transfer their energies through the hand's sensory receptors to the body, and charge it with vital energy.


    Crystals and gemstones house spiritual and healing properties that can be used a variety of ways to tap into their energies. They can be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or handbag. They can be put in a place where their healing energies can be felt by people, animals and plants around them such as inside a home or in a garden. Many people will put a crystal in with a potted plant to help the plant grow and thrive. Crystal clusters are especially helpful and energizing when they can be brought into a hospital room or a persons bedroom when the person is not feeling well. Therapists place stones on their client's bodies to help balance the chakras and influence the aura.

    Each type of stone has its own unique energy and qualities. The colors, textures and shapes of the stones all have special meanings and can be used for specific tasks. Crystals are often used as divination and mediation tools. Although crystal and gemstone elixirs can be commercially obtained, you can make your own elixir by soaking your stones or crystals in a glass of water for a few hours. You will find that you will be attracted to specific stones and crystals at certain times in your life. Allow them to come to you and use them to help the healing process of mind, spirit and body.


    The individual is not seen as comprising isolated units, rather as a complete being, unique in his/her own way and with an innate capacity to achieve the higher levels of growth. Therefore the individual, his entire physical and mental being, level of biological maturity, environmental influences, coping mechanisms and adjustments are keenly studied and analyzed before embarking on the line of therapy. In this sense crystal therapy, in principal, borrows itself heavily from the Gestalt School of Thought and particularly its views on human nature.

    The presence of energies or chakras within the human system (and even outside it) forms the bulwark of almost all alternate healing therapies and crystal therapy is no exception. It is believed that any kind of discomfort, physical or mental, is usually due to an obstruction in the free flow of this energy within the body. Hence the practitioner usually tries to re-align the movement, direction or flow of this energy and create a harmonious environment for the body. This not only frees the body of the immediate physical discomfort, but very often the therapy reaches out to other unexplored territories and rids the body and mind of other toxins/ailments.


    The therapy is premised on the fact that the human body is a complex electromagnetic system and crystals are natural electromagnetic conductors. Hence whenever the energy flow or chi (qi) is obstructed, the person experiences discomfort. With the aid of crystals which are placed at strategic locations on and around the body so as to coincide and resonate with the energy centers present in the body, a certain kind of energy map is created. This helps to cleanse obstructed pathways, nourish those centers that are low on energy, re-define the pathways and finally refine the flow of energy. All this is achieved by inducing the body into a state of mental relaxation where deep seated issues come to fore and are addressed by the practitioner. The collaboration of the mental with the physical self is the cornerstone of crystal therapy and the real reason behind its success.

    The actual treatment lasts between 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours. It may be given alone or in combination with other methods such as Reiki. The recipient lies down on a massage table and crystals are placed at strategic locations according to the energy map. The whole body is treated as a singular unit and not as isolated parts. Most recipients report a warm tingling sensation in the body, especially in the area that is being treated.

    For a crystal therapy session to be effective, it has to work on the underlying notions of energy existing in and outside the body. The physical energy present within the body, at various centers or chakras is solid while the aura is a fluid, light entity. Crystals have a definite vibration which affect the electromagnetic field and hence can be harnessed to regularize the flow of energy in the set way that it is supposed to follow. The energy field surrounding the individual is also affected by color and hence crystals of various hues are used for the treatment of a variety of maladies such as depression, anxiety attacks, sinusitis, sleep disorders, migraines and other types of headaches etc.

    Many times the practitioner works on certain intuitions about the physical conditions of the patient. This is usually not akin to an intuition that a lay person would make. In fact this kind of intuition is done with a skilled eye and is most often based on in-depth knowledge. Hence it can be called an informed intuition. After identification of the problem, specific crystal layouts are placed on the body as part of a cleansing procedure. Thereafter the body is recharged and revitalized by again placing the crystals strategically. At the end of the session, the patient is given a protective grounding of his energies so as to ensure that the positive effects do not wane away.


    Crystals are known to have their own special life force or prana and the therapist transfers the vibrations to the deepest recesses of a persons being which incidentally is thought to be the active breeding ground for many illnesses. They are believed to foster inner peace and harmony; to address immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, circulatory problems and nervousness; and to promote overall health.

    Quartz is one of the most common minerals and also one of the most familiar and most popular stone used in gemstone therapy. Whether carried or placed on the crown chakra, quartz is thought to elevate thoughts and to alleviate emotional extremes.

    The quartz crystal is commonly used in healing because the vibrations they emit are on a wavelength compatible to the cells present in the human body as well as those present in the mind. Hence they are ideal for altering the energy fields and are extremely beneficial to the patient undergoing the therapy.

    Quartz crystals usually contain silicon deposits. However sometimes they also contain trace elements which alter their color from white (milk quartz) to purple, pink, blue, or colorless (rock quartz). These trace elements again affect and alter the frequency of the vibrations it emits. The practitioner makes a judgment about the lacunae in the energy processes in and outside the human body and then proceeds to use crystals, sometimes of varying hues to produce the required vibratory level and frequency. Thus it is imperative that the practitioner is well versed about the nature of individual crystals and their effects on the human self. This is in addition to having an in depth knowledge about the overall position of the chakras and where the energy flow is restricted.

    Certain gemstones and crystals are used for healing specific organs by contact with the body's related energy centers (chakras). Certain stones als direct energies toward emotional states. In some cases, the healing properties of stones are used to stimulate energy flow to certain parts of the body. All crystals and gemstones should be "cleaned" periodically in running water or other methods to wash away the negative energies that they may have picked up, particularly if they have been used for healing.

    These are only a few examples of the powers ascribed to gemstones and crystals:
    • Quartz Crystal: (Clear or White) - Quartz crystals are probably the most popular stones used for healing purposes. Quartz can be a beautiful white, such as Milk Quartz, or colorless and shiny like Rock Crystal. The Rock Crystal's therapeutic properties are aimed at soothing resentment and envy, and to protect from negative influences. It is also used to calm weak kidneys (kidney trouble), treat certain metabolic disorders, cardiac pain, and upset stomach or stomachaches.

    • Rose Quartz: (Pink) - Rose Quartz has a gentle energy. It is a considered a heart healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks and for those who desire to learn self-love. Often used as a heart chakra stone in healing.

    • Ruby: (Red) - Increases energy, improves circulation, and promotes intuitive thinking.

    • Agate: (Blue, Gray, Beige) - Promotes a positive influence self-confidence and energy. Promote healthy bladder function.

    • Fluorite: (A Variety of Colors) - It is used to guard an individual against picking up negativity or negative energies from nearby sources. The stone absorbs any negativity in its environment and helps to keep it away from its owner. If you are using for this purpose, it is important to regularly cleanse this stone at least weekly.

    • Amethyst: (Purple) - Considered a protective stone for bad habits. It is used to unlock blocked energy, bring calm in times of grief, and promote positive thinking. This is a highly spiritual/healing stone is associated with "Higher Power/God/Goddess/Christ" Consciousness and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Amethyst assists a person to tune into a higher awareness of knowing.

    • Lapis: (Blue) - This stone is connected with Egyptian energy. The Lapis is used to unlock mysteries as it helps a person to work through emotional blocks and clears confusion, getting to the root of a problem.

    • Kyanite: (Blue) - Kyanite is considered a throat chakra stone. It helps facilitate will open communications centers to enable contact with your spirit guides and used for channeling energies. Kyanite has balancing properties that help align the chakras. It is a self-cleansing stone as it automatically clears itself of negative energies.

    • Sapphire: (Blue) - Gives the wearer self-esteem, purity of mind, and contentment.

    • Turquoise: (Blue to Green) - Turquoise is a stone often associated with Native Americans in the Southwest United States and is considered a sacred stone. It is used to protect against harmful energy. It is considered a teaching stone. It can be used to help a person learn spiritual lessons through visions in dreams and/or meditation. When worn as jewelry, it is often combined with Red Jasper and most often is set in Silver.

    • Amber: (Yellow to Brown Resin) - Believed to harmonize the function of the kidneys and bladder.

    • Citrine: (Yellow) - It helps to bring about goals, cheerfulness and attracts personal power and abundance. Citrine (and Yellow Topaz) are great energizer stones, carrying energies of the sun that are used to lift depression and dark thoughts. Especially helpful for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the dark winter months, but should probably be avoided during the summer months because of their hot sun energy. Both Citrine and Yellow Topaz are November birthstones.

    • Diamonds: (All Colors) - Protects energy fields and to cleanse the blood.

    • Emerald: (Green) - Improves memory and intellect.

    • Jade: (Green or White) - Attracts loyal friends and brings good fortune. Thought to bring composure, peacefulness and wisdom. This stone helps to teach acceptance and it carries a calming and serene energy. It is used to help a person to be less critical of others and self.

    • Hematite: (Dark Silvery Gray, Metallic) - Hematite is a grounding stone and is connected with the earth. This stone helps a person to keep their "feet on the ground" and to accomplish their worldly tasks while preventing out-of-body flight.

    • Obsidian: (Black) - It is a grounding and protective stone in all its varieties, bringing about opportunities for change, clarity, and serenity. The snowflake helps a person to surrender and release negative habits and pathways of the past that no longer are needed or wanted in a present situation.

    • Onyx: (Black) - Aids in changing bad habits. It is also a grounding stone. Improves devotion and concentration.


    Some stones are warming stones and some stones are cooling stones. Here are some examples:

    WINTER: Yellow Topaz and Citrine.
    SPRING: Turquoise and Emeralds.
    SUMMER: Coral and Pearls
    AUTUMN: Opals and Sapphires.


    This method description if for programming your stone(s) for immediate or later use:

    1. Clear the stone that is to be programmed.

    2. Hold the stone in both of your hands while gazing into it. If the stone cannot be picked up, just lay both hands upon it.

    3. Center yourself and clear your mind. Concentrate on that with which you intend to program the stone.

    4. As you retain your concentration, inhale and forcefully exhale through your mouth. It is as if you are blowing your intention into the stone.

    5. Continue this process until you feel satisfied that you have completely filled the stone with your intention.

    6. This vibration is now stored in the stone until you clear it out of the stone using a cleansing or clearing ritual or method. Some practitioners feel that a programming is "locked" into a stone more effectively when steps #1 though #5 are done in front of a flame. Then when you are through programming the stone, you pass it right to left through the flame. This seals the intended programming.

    7. When the programming is completed, clear yourself and your environment around you. When you want the program out of the stone, just use one of the above clearing methods to clear the stone, even if you use the "locked in" method.

    crystal hand stones


    While a proportion of practitioners work only with crystals, other use them in conjunction with theories such as the chakras, acupoints, or auras. Methods vary widely, but all are said to tap healing energy stored within the crystals.

    Practitioners often work by holding the crystal in one hand and resting the other on the part of the client's body that requires healing. Alternatively, crystals may be placed directly on the part of the body that needs healing or on a chakra or acupoint site(s) on the body. The client may be asked to visualize healing energy channeling through the crystals or be given a crystal to carry, wear around their neck, or place in their room.


    When a crystal or stone is held or topically applied, a person is accepting the vibrations that the crystal or stone has to offer, either on the intentional or unconscious level. An interaction between the vibrations of the crystals and the vibrations of the person's body will trigger a series of responses. How a person interprets these vibrations will play a great part in the actual healing that will take place. One definition of the word healing is "for one to become spiritually whole".

    In this essence, the word healing takes on a whole new light. We all are creations of God, Goddess, the Universe, All That Is and this includes the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. The very notion suggests that we are all greatly connected. By looking toward the mineral kingdom for assistance in the healing process, we are connecting with another aspect of creation for inspiration. The employing of crystals as healing tools, is not just a method for a quick remedy. It is a means by which one can look deeper within. To obtain the understanding of the cause of the distress.

    The application of crystals and stones upon the body within specific energy centers, will start a spontaneous energy or vibrational flow. These vibrations can be recognized by various parts of the body. On the physical level, the brain will be receiving messages that will shed light on the situation at hand in the form intuitive impulses. The abdominal area may experience sensations that will lead to identification of some emotional issues that are creating an upset in one's life. The chest area possibly could receive sensations that would lead to the clarification of other aspects of one's situation.

    Within the more subtle realms of the body; the third eye may start to receive images, in the form of inner sight. The inner ear may begin to receive messages that are not recognized by the physical ear. The abdomen may receive messages that can be termed as "gut instinct". The interaction that takes place between the physical and subtle realms is a very spiritual experience, in the sense that, when we start experiencing the vibrations of the crystals, we are connecting to the vibrations of the Universe. This can lead us to a connection with the finer, more subtle realms of creation. This is where the very core of our being is located, the very source of All That Is. When all these impulses are assembled and reviewed, a clearer picture can be derived, regarding the cause of distress. This information may involve physical, emotional, or spiritual experiences.

    Crystal healing is a vehicle that we can use to connect with our own core essence. Crystals themselves are vibrational tools. When a crystal is held in the hand or placed upon one or more of the seven major energy centers, the vibrational interaction starts to take place. When a person is experiencing distress, it is a signal for the body, mind, spirit to take notice of the symptom. The symptom is an indication that something is out of balance. The original harmonious state in that area of the body, is somehow out of sync.

    Distress can be caused by many different elements. Emotions are something that can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Belief systems are another cause for distress. The exposure to certain environmental elements is another. The interaction with the people that we encounter on a daily basis can sometimes create havoc. The list goes on and on. But there is one thing that all these elements have in common. Vibration.

    All these elements are composed of vibration. When an external or self promoted vibration is introduced to our original body vibration, an interaction takes place. This interaction of vibrations can either be beneficial to the body system, or in the case of distress, a detriment to the body system. The original harmonious state of the body is disrupted by the influence of a disharmonious vibration.

    When we utilize crystals or stones as vibrational tools, the crystals vibration will interact with the bodies vibration. If there is a disharmonious vibration that is to be dealt with, the crystal has the ability to dislodge that vibration so that the person can be aware of the reason behind the distress. Each of the seven major Chakras vibrate at a different frequency. To better understand this we can compare the different frequencies with the notes on a musical scale. The Chakras are also associated with the different colors in the spectrum of light. There are a large variety of stones or crystals can be mixed and matched and used for healing, depending on your goal. The stones listed below in the chart are only some suggestions:






    Place on the center of the pubic bone.





    Place on the navel.

    Solar Plexus




    Place on the solar plexus, at the lower end of the breastbone.





    Place on the center of the breastbone over the heart.






    Third Eye



    Lapis Lazuli

    Place on the center of your forehead.





    Place on top of your head.

    The word Chakra is from Sanskrit and means circle and movement. They represent lines of force. The point where two lines of force cross is an acupuncture point, where seven cross is a plexus and where twelve or more cross is a Chakra. A Chakra is also referred to as an energy vortex.


    After a greeting and casual conversation, to get relaxed with each other, the client and practitioner would sit to discuss the situation that they will be focusing their attention on during the actual healing. The practitioner would ask for some unintimidating personal background on the client, usually on a questionnaire and at the end of the form the client would sign a statement, that under the terms, they are fully responsible for what happens from the result of the healing.

    At this point the practitioner would check to see the state in which their seven major Chakra's are in, by utilizing dowsing rods or Reiki to determine the direction and strength of each chakra. Then the client would proceed to lay on a massage table, either facing up or face down, depending on the circumstance that is to be worked with. The client would be led into a breath exercise to guide them into a deep, relaxed state.

    Having knowledge of the clients religious or spiritual beliefs, (this would have been derived from our discussion at the beginning of the session) the practitioner would ask for their guides, only those of the light, to participate in the session. Then the practitioner would especially ask for the client's highest aspect of self, to please come forth and assist in the session that is about to unfold and that person's higher self to send a sign, image, thought, feeling, or word to confirm the participation of higher self in the session.

    While the person is waiting for an impulse from their higher self, the practitioner would promote them to keep the rhythm of breath steady, so that they would reach an even deeper relaxed state. By now the higher self might have made an impression and the practitioner would then proceed with the process of laying on stones.

    The combinations of stones used would be almost infinite, so this example will be a basic layout.
    • Most likely a practitioner would start with the heart Chakra by placing a rose quartz upon that center. The soothing properties of that stone would give the person a sense of security to bring comfort and an even more relaxed state.

    • Next would be the throat chakra, so that the client would be able to express that which needs to be said. Placing some celestite here would be a fine stone to start with.

    • Proceeding to the brow Chakra, an azurite, chrysocolla or gem silica may be placed, to stimulate the third eye. This will promote a visual interaction between the higher self and client.

    Now during this whole process, the practitioner would be guided to make adjustments and move energy in certain ways, by the spirit guides, and higher aspect of the client's Self. Also the practitioner would be keeping verbal contact with the client, (asking questions, directing them to move energy within their body, leading them into visualizations, and asking for messages that are coming through) as they would greatly enhance the process.

    Actually, from a higher point of view, the client would be healing themselves. The crystals and the practitioner would be the conduit, though which the energy would flow. The practitioner would also be there to direct the right questions at the right time. The important role that the crystals would be playing, would be to focus, enhance, stabilize, and direct the energies coming in and going out.
    • Then moving to the root Chakra, a hematite might be placed to ground the information coming in, bringing the experience back into the Earth arena.

    • Maybe a black tourmaline would be placed at each hip joint, to further enhance the effect.

    • Moving to the navel Chakra, a carnelian would serve well to bring a creative spark to the experience.

    • The practitioner probably would have placed a quartz crystal in each hand, to both begin the flow of energy and balance the polarity between the right and left side of the body.

    • Placing a nice amethyst crystal at the crown Chakra would strengthen the connection with the clients highest aspect of self, and also provide for a more profound spiritual experience.

    • Then placing a heliodor at the solar plexus Chakra to enhance mental clarity, and maybe another heliodor or honey calcite at the spleen Chakra, to enhance the overall vitality of the body.




    Center of the earth.

    Bottoms of the feet.

    Black Jade
    Black Coral
    Iron Pyrite

    Cold, solidity, stillness, sleep/rest, no movement, coolness.

    To open energy channels from bottom of feet. Grounding and focusing. Calming the mind and emotions. Quick, firm focus on the physical plane. Slowing/stopping subtle or physical movement.


    Middle of the earth.

    Lower leg.

    Smoky Quartz
    Grey Pearl

    Same as above but with less firmness and slightly more movement.

    Same as above, but not as extreme. Opens energy channels down legs to earth.


    Surface of the earth.

    Upper leg.

    Smoky Quartz
    Brown Topaz
    Brown Tiger Eye

    Peacefulness, Nurturance, safety, warmth, calm, placidity.

    To lightly ground and focus the mind. Calms the emotions. Soothing to the physical and/or subtle bodies. Opens energy channels down.


    1st Chakra, root, center, base of spine.

    Base of the spine and physical heart, blood, circulation.


    Warmth, fire, heat, high-action.

    To open the 1st chakra. To break through mental conditioning. To create rapid change/empower action to energize. To create heat. To work with heart, blood, circulation.


    The heart center.

    Inside the center of the chest, the heart, any area that needs gentle change.

    Rose Quartz
    Pink Tourmaline
    Pink Coral
    Pink Jade
    Pink Garnet

    Gentleness, love, peace, warmth.

    Lifts depression, creates peaceful feelings. To gently energize. To create warmth. To relieve stress and disharmony. To open the heart chakra. To open the energy channel between the 1st chakra and heart center.


    2nd chakra.

    Near the sexual organs, pelvic area.

    Madiera Citrine

    Aroused sexual energy, warmth, activity, fire.

    To lightly energize. To increase creative energy. To increase sexual energy. To strengthen and stimulate 2nd chakra.

    Gold or Yellow

    Gold - The energy channel between your 3rd chakra and through your crown center.
    Yellow - 3rd chakra.

    Near the navel area to the top of the head.

    Yellow Citrine
    Light Smoky Quartz
    Yellow Diamond

    Warmth, activity, sunlight, creative energy.

    Increasing male energy. To manifest creative energy on the physical plane. Lifting depression. To lightly energize physical body and subtle nervous system. To work on lungs, breath, and life force. To strengthen and stimulate 3rd chakra. Improving force of will.


    Heart center or 4th chakra.

    The center of the chest, any area that needs cooling, lungs.

    Green Malachite
    Green Dioptase
    Green Calcite

    Generosity, prosperity, nurturing, cooling, slightly calming, water.

    Relaxing and expanding the heart center. Cooling fevers, Calming heated emotions. Increasing prosperity consciousness. Relaxing cramped muscles and tightness in the body. Strengthen the physical heart. Increases the ability to love.

    Turquoise, Sky, or Light Blue

    5th chakra, throat center.

    Center of the throat, part of the jaw and ears, back of the neck, base of the skull.

    Gem Chrsyopase
    Blue Topaz
    Blue Malachite
    Blue Quartz
    Blue Tourmaline

    Sky, lightness, vibrant repose, joy, astral.

    Astral or out-of-body travel. Relaxing stress, particularly in the jaw, neck and top of shoulders. Increasing verbalization and singing agilities. Increasing effectiveness of communication. Opens subtle energy channel from the heart to the 3rd eye. Joins love with wisdom, creating compassion. Getting rid of headaches, calming fever.

    Royal Blue

    6th chakra, 3rd eye center.

    The center of the forehead, part of the ears, eyes, and upper head.

    Lapis Lazuli
    Dark Blue Tourmaline

    Regality, deep space, endless repose, calm strength, spiritual.

    Calming the mind. Becoming more intuitive. Developing wisdom. Increasing mental abilities. Focusing and maintaining concentration. Improving memory, Improving eyesight. Stilling the body. Becoming meditative. Increase sensitivity to subtle energy.

    Deep Purple
    Light Violet

    7th chakra, crown center.

    Center of top of head, slightly above head.

    Violet Tourmaline

    Calmness, gentleness, expansive, regality, harmonizing, spiritual.

    Increasing spirituality, stimulating enlightenment. Physical mental, emotional subtle healing. Lifting depression. Relaxing stress. Increasing feminine energy. Dropping unwanted desires. Developing calmness in body, mind and emotions.


    Higher energy centers than the crown center.

    Above the top of the head.

    Clear Quartz
    White Diamond

    Clarity, brilliance, light, ice, etheric, endless potential, ever changing.

    Clear quartz, diamonds and sometimes calcite can be programmed to take on the characteristics and abilities of any color stone. They contain all color so have all possible uses available to them. They can energize, harmonize, heal and expand the capabilities of all bodies. Calcite and pearl can be sued to strengthen and stimulate bones, hair and nails.

    Note: Opal can be included in the white category as it contains all colors. The difference is that opal has the quality of fire and so is ever changing. It stimulates activity and change. If the opal has more of any one color, the qualities of that color are dominant along with the changeability of the fire. Only stable people should wear them.

    Again the variety of stone placement configurations is endless. It would be unlikely that there would be two healing sessions in which the same crystal or stone arrangements would be identical. As the session comes to a close, the practitioner would direct the client to focus their attention back to their physical body, and ease them back into a Earth conscious state. Then the practitioner would hand them a mirror, so that they could see the stones as they lay upon their body.

    For maximum benefit from the ancient powers of gemstones, it is usually suggested to place the stones and leave them on for 20 to 40 minutes to benefit from their healing powers.

    Upon removing the stones from the client, the client and the practitioner would discuss the information that was received during the session, and start to derive at a format to which the client can employ the experience into their daily life. This will start to integrate the fulfillment of the Healing process.

    Then the practitioner would suggest that they slowly rise, and sit at the edge of the table so that they could regain their equilibrium. After a session such as this, a person would benefit by taking a moment to completely reconnect with their physical senses before they stood back on their feet. Before they would stand the practitioner would offer them a glass of water to quench their thirst, and also further the grounding process of being present on the Earth plain.

    You can apply crystals and stones to your own body with great results. However, many people have found that the interaction between a Crystal Healer and a Client amplify and make the experience much more profound.

    crystal meditation


    In gemstone meditation, stones of specific colors are linked to the main energy centers, or chakras. A stone of a specific color is placed on a specific chakra to stimulate energy flow in the part of the body that given chakra influences. The best time for meditation is in the morning, when you has the proper outlook for the day ahead. Lie down and place gemstones; breathe deeply in and out a few times. Play some quiet music that will last about 30 minutes. This exercise, carried out over a period of several weeks, should bring back lost energy. Afterward, you will feel more vital, more capable and better able to withstand stress. You can buy various gemstones in mineral-specialty stores, new age, pagan-witchcraft or nature-associated stores, or online from various resources.


    Some of healer's favorite stones are those containing lithium. These are useful for balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS) bodies. If one is depressed, they will lift one's spirits. If one is agitated, they will calm the nerves. They act as a stabilizer to the entire system.

    Most people know something about stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and more. But many do not know the tremendous potential of the healing properties of those stones containing lithium. This is an introduction to some of the many stones containing lithium.
    • Golden 'C' (Mined near San Diego, CA in late 1800's): (35% lithium) - An extraordinary one-of-a-kind stone that is no longer available. Golden 'C' is a very special stone & extremely rare. It balances, aligns and blends all chakras. Stabilizes and balances extreme highs and lows. Supreme Orienter: top and bottom, left and right, front and back, inside and outside. Clears and purifies anything. Beware of those saying they are selling Golden 'C' if it does not come from the mining near San Diego in the late 1800's.

    • Tourmaline: (1 to 1-1/2% lithium) - Conducts electricity via striations. Most effective if naturally terminated. Applying pressure to a continuously heated stone will direct an electrical current. Useful placed on blocked meridian point or using light pressure on blocked meridian point with the terminated end of crystal. Documented as the second fastest conductor of electricity next to the human brain. Versatile because of the various color frequencies. A fairly new exciting variety named after the mine in Brazil, called Paraiba, is noteworthy because of its unique blue-green range of colors. Its essence is like the sea and I believe this stone's color frequency resonates powerfully at the thymus center.

    • Lepidolite: (3 to 5% lithium) - Reduces worry and stress, soothes and balances emotions, connects heart and brow chakras and drains off excess electrical energy. Good placed in bath. Plants irrigated with water charged by strapping a stone on the pipes have produced larger crops and charged water helps heal some types of skin cancer. Caution: Do not place directly in water when making an elixir for consumption; rather, place close to container of water. Do not place near flame as fluorine gas is produced.

    • Lepidolite with Pink Tourmaline: (1 to 5% lithium) - Combines the properties of both lepidolite and tourmaline.

    • Lepidocrosite: Lepidolite needles in amethyst. All the properties of Amethyst with Lepidolite.

    • Rose Lepidolite: Lepidolite and mica. Has all the properties of lepidolite as well as mica. Mica is the second greatest conductor of magnetic energy next to the human brain. Since we are inundated with excess electrical energy in our environments, extra magnetic energy can help to balance the electromagnetic field of the body.

    • Sugilite: Also called luvulite or royal lazel from a manganese mine in South Africa. Connected with St. Germaine and the purple flame of transmuting negative energies. Activates thymus, spleen and pineal gland; balances the brain hemispheres.

    • Kunzite: (8 to 8-1/2% lithium) - Also known as Pink Spodumene. Activates the heart chakra and balances emotions; supports throat and brow chakras. Sleeping with it prevents nightmares and helps dream recall.

    • Hiddenite: (8 to 8-1/2% lithium) - Also known as spodumene or green spodumene. Over time when placed on the parotid gland in the cheek area, can relieve stored anger/rage; resolves TMJ and knee problems.

    • Amblygonite: (8 to 10% lithium) - Helps remove pent up emotions, activates electrical system and transmutes negative energy. Tape on back of neck or pinch one in each hand with thumb and index finger for headaches or tape on thymus when working on computer terminal. Opens all chakras and meridians and rebalances all energy levels of the aura. Makes structured water in 15 minutes. Caution: Do not put directly in water if making an elixir for consumption; rather place near container of water.

    • Lithium Quartz: (lithium content varies) - Second most powerful lithium stone available today. Has all the qualities of quartz and more: has both left and right spin so re-polarizes body and can send, receive and store information simultaneously. Self-cleaning so does not need to be cleaned as often as other lithium stones. Purifies water and also makes structured water by placing in water or next to container for 5-10 minutes. Is said to resonate with all notes of the musical scale and with all colors and all chakras, individually and collectively.


    Body Parts
    Soul Star
    12" above head
    Golden 'C'
    All delicate flower oils
    All root oils
    Clear Quartz
    Rutilated Quartz
    Any clear crystal
    St. John's Wort
    (To Perceive)
    Lapis Lazuli
    Clary Sage
    Blue Lace Agate
    Blue Topaz
    Blue Chamomile
    G Flat
    Gem Silica
    Rose Geranium
    Green Tourmaline
    Green Apophyllite
    Rose Quartz
    Pink Tourmaline
    Solar Plexus
    (Lustrous Jewel)
    Solar Plexus
    Digestive System
    Gall Bladder
    Yellow Calcite
    Red Jasper
    Rose Geranium
    Pubic Bone
    Legs & Feet
    Black Tourmaline
    Smokey Quartz
    St. John's Wort
    All Root Oils
    Deep Red
    6" Below Feet
    Into The Earth
    Petrified Wood
    All Root Oils
    All Delicate Flower Oils
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