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The process of awakening is a phrase or term that is used in the field of spirituality or metaphysics that refers to “waking up in awareness and understanding” of your spiritual essence or your eternal true self, that which you are in pure consciousness and how it relates to your physical incarnation in a human body. It is an individual process of healing and letting go of fear and illusions that culminates in an expansion of love and growth in consciousness.

The awakening process is about uncovering what already exists within your consciousness. It’s the study of consciousness, how it’s related to your body, mind, emotions, and soul, and then applying this knowledge to your everyday life to create for yourself and others a Heaven on Earth. At the highest level, it’s possible to merge your personal consciousness with the universal consciousness of All That Is that exists in all things. At this level, you become a Christ-like being and live and act from a focus known as Christ Consciousness (Master Jesus displayed this level of consciousness on Earth). The awakening process doesn’t stop there. Higher levels of consciousness exist, to be sure, but this goes beyond the scope of our discussion.


Awakening is a process that never ends because the Source of Life is eternal, and the real you, your spiritual essence, is the image and likeness of the Source of Life. So, try to get used to the fact that there is no end to the process of awakening. You are eternal consciousness and sometimes you incarnate into a physical body because it’s your freewill choice to experience the play of consciousness on Earth. For you are Spirit in physical form. When you are in-between physical incarnations, you go back to your spirit form in consciousness, and there you continue your awakening process.

At some degree, you are already awake. Everybody is, whether they believe it or not. All of us have an awareness and our own understanding of our spiritual essence or eternal true self because we all have consciousness. And, all of us are aware of our consciousness. Some of us might not pay much attention to the health of our consciousness, and some of us don’t have a clue about the connection between our consciousness and Source of Life, some don’t care about the answers to these types of questions, and some of us don’t want to change or don’t understand why it’s in their best interests to change for the better. And, that’s OK. Love allows everybody to be where they want to be, and doesn’t feel threatened by it.

How do you know if you are getting close? I believe it’s best to re-phrase the question to: How do I know if I’m waking up in my spiritual consciousness? You can measure your awakening by asking yourself these questions, and being brutally honest with yourself, for if you fudge on the answers, you are only hurting yourself.

--- Am I more loving and truthful today than yesterday with myself and others?
--- Am I changing for the better?
--- Am I more positive in my thinking today than yesterday?
--- Am I sharing my love with others?
--- Am I more peaceful and joyful with myself and others today than yesterday?
--- Am I less judgmental or critical with myself and others today than yesterday?
--- Am I mastering my emotions by healing my fear-based beliefs and healing the intellect of illusions not in alignment with the truth within me?
--- Do I forgive and forget easily?
--- Do I see and feel the divine presence of the Source of Life in others as I see and feel it in myself?

Nobody can answer these questions for you because it’s your responsibility because it’s your life. If you can answer “YES” to all these questions, then you will progress rapidly in your awakening process. But, wherever you answer no, there is something to look at closely, to heal and allow love to replace the void that fear leaves. The awakening process will lead you to the heart of the Source of Life, and within its heart you will find unconditional love.


Learn to live the path of love to its fullest.

Only you can decide what this means for you. If you are looking for an easy formula or an authority figure to tell you how to live your life, then you will become a dependent person. But, if you want to wake up to a greater and greater degree to the radiant, powerful, sovereign being that you are, then you will have to do the journey on the path of love. Here are some general guidelines I recommend for you to incorporate into your life.


Take a blank piece of paper, or compose this on your word processing program. At the top of the paper write “Awakening Analysis.” Then, fold the paper into three columns. Draw a line down the folds of the paper. In the left column, write the words: My Concept of My Real Identity. Then describe your concept. Be clear, concise, and state your truth. Don’t show it to anybody. It will become the beginnings of your daily journal. If you haven’t explored the advantages of journaling for personal growth and spiritual freedom, then I suggest you look into buying a book on the subject that resonates with you.

In the right column, write the words: My Awakening Goal. Then describe what your awakening goal looks like to you, how far you want to go with your awakening process in this lifetime.

In the middle column, write the words: My Path of Awakening. Then describe what you believe you must do to awaken yourself, the path you believe you must walk that will give you greater personal growth and bring you to an understanding of living in the Light. Write down all the things you believe you need to do to achieve this goal. There are no wrong answers. And, the list you write now may change over time. Everything you think, do and say will contribute to your path of awakening.

Remember! The awakening process is about uncovering what already exists within you. Since your essence is love, the better you can live the path of love, the more awake you will become. This is not to say that you won’t experience challenges along the way. They will be there, and they are part of your awakening process of waking up to the love essence that you are.


To discover the heart of the Source of Life or Universal Consciousness within you, all you have to do is to uncover what’s already inside you. What is inside your consciousness, inside your ego, inside your heart, inside your lifeforce energy system, inside your mind, inside your thoughts? Once you find out what’s inside you, then move on and discover, how to work with it to bring you joy, bliss, prosperity, abundance for yourself and others in the world.


Awakening to Divine Love or Universal Consciousness within you can be summed up in these brief guidelines:

Develop a passion for your own awakening. Keep the fire going. Awakening from the dream of forgetfulness to Oneness is a very real possibility within the span of a single lifetime. The Source of Life has disguised itself in its own creation, and cannot avoid responding to the sincere call of a devoted truth seeker.

To deepen your spiritual life, to go beyond the limits of mind and ego, commit to living a love-based lifestyle in thought, word and deed. Withdraw your attention on the way you view other people: dirty, mean, greedy, selfish. Their behavior is of no concern to you. Instead, re-focus the searchlight of your perception into your own thoughts, words, and deeds. Clean up your act! It is love that attracts the divine response of the Source of Life because your essence is Love. And, be open to accepting the miracles that will come into your life as a result of choosing a love-based lifestyle.

Transformation of consciousness is a process of healing the mind of illusions, and healing the emotions of fear, whereby the truths of Divine Love that already exist within you become revealed in pristine clarity. It can be likened to cleaning the dirt away from a diamond to reveal its purity and brilliance.

The secret to finding and knowing the Indwelling Spirit of Love (which is your true
Self) is learning to live a love-based lifestyle in thought, word and deed. Love has a magical
way of transcending and healing all things that are out of alignment with it, and returning it
to Love. It positively affects consciousness in people, places and things.

Everything in life is designed for your awakening and spiritual growth. It is vitally important for us to raise our awareness (energy vibration) to the heart lifeforce energy center and beyond. We can achieve this by living a love-based lifestyle, and practicing the qualities of the heart.

Love is the attracting quality because love is your essence, and it is the foundation upon which the universe is built. The more you give yourself permission to live a lifestyle of Love, the more you will deepen your spiritual life, and the more your life will turn into the miracle that it is.


MEDITATION is the highest priority of the day. I can’t emphasize this enough. It is the primary tool for Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness. Try to meditate 30-minutes twice a day, morning and evening. There are many ways to meditate. If you desire to uncover the truth of what’s already within you, to feel love and bliss in your life, and attract the experience of Oneness, you’ll want to use a method to interiorize the mind. Use the meditation technique in my eBook (Google: The Sinless Reality), or find a meditation technique that works for you.

PRAYER  – in the language of your heart, pray to the divine Source of Life within you. Pray for your enlightenment, and the enlightenment of humanity. Ask it to awaken you, to reveal your true nature to you, to experience yourself as radiant light and boundless love, and to lead you to all the answers to all the questions you have about awakening and the nature of your true self.

GRATITUDE – be grateful for all the blessings and gifts you have received, as the source of your abundance and prosperity is Love itself. And, be grateful for all the blessings and gifts that have not manifested yet in your life because they are already created in consciousness. Gratitude is your acknowledgement that Love itself is the source of your eternal being and all supply.

THE POWER OF VISIONING – The mind’s eye is the vision center within the human being. Here you can visualize your dreams, and infuse passionate intention into them, and allow them to manifest in your life as reality. The power of visioning will help you manifest everything you want.

DISCOVER & ACHIEVE YOUR LIFE PLAN – You came to Earth to fulfill an important purpose – your life plan. You planned a full life of learning lessons or experiences to gain knowledge of the experiences you chose in human form. This is a custom-made plan that was designed by you, before your birth, for you, and only you can achieve it. Achieving your plan gives your life purpose and meaning and motivation, and lets you feel alive. It is possible to know the details of your plan through quiet reflection and observing yourself.

LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS is your natural state of being. It is the joy of Divine Love within each of us. Humor is a very important part of growing into Divine Consciousness. Don't take life so seriously. Life is not meant to be all work and no fun or play. Laugh a lot! Especially when there’s no reason. Meditation and practicing your spiritual principles will develop joy in you, and ultimately will establish you in joy and bliss from which you will not slip out of.

THE DIVINE PRESENCE - The secret to getting the Divine’s attention is developing a powerful love-call to attract the Divine response in your life. Sweet talk the Divine like you would a lover. Tell the Divine how much you want to know it in the experience of Oneness. Ask the Divine to reveal itself to you. Pray deeply and sincerely.

SHARING, GIVING AND RECEIVING - It is a great joy for Divine Love to share itself because its intrinsic nature is limitless abundance and prosperity. Hence, the reason we feel joyful in sharing our love with others. Scarcity or “lack” does not exist in the mind of Divine Love or in its kingdom. It knows itself only as limitless supply of abundance and prosperity.

FORGIVENESS is the sweetness that lets human relationships run smoothly, and allows Divine Love to heal the hurt. When you forgive someone, you are already forgiven. Learn to forgive, yourself and others, no matter how much pain it costs you.

HEALING the mind and emotions of fear-based thoughts and beliefs will empower you. As you learn to master your mind and emotions, you will awaken more and more, and draw closer to your true identity (true self), and eventually experience the Light within.

TRANSFORMATION of consciousness is the inevitable result of healing from fear to love, healing from illusion to truth, healing from the belief that you are separate from Love to the Oneness of Love.

Keep your body healthy. Eat nutritious foods. Maintain a wholesome attitude towards your body, but don't be vain about it. Exercise your body vigorously, on a regular basis. It keeps the body limber for meditation. The energies in the Lifeforce system can flow easier, helping to keep your body healthy.

Conserve your sexual energy. It can be used as a valuable partner in the awakening process. Learn to transmute its powerful energy into constructive pursuits such as creativity, deeper meditation, or strenuous physical activity.

Let go chaos and drama in your own life. Don't buy into the world’s fears and illusions.

Avoid the tendency to gossip or criticize others. Focus on your own awakening.

Watch your thoughts. Master your emotions.

Empower yourself! Cultivate heart qualities: in addition to the ones already cited, patience, insight, tolerance, non-judgment, non-attachment, honesty, integrity, joy, peace, calmness, helpfulness, sharing, stillness of your racing thoughts, a reverence for all life, etc.


On the path of awakening, there is a breakthrough event known as an experience of enlightenment or Oneness. In Christianity, it’s called Mystical Union with God. This is when a person experiences his or her spiritual essence. Because each person is unique in the awakening process, this breakthrough experience can take many forms. The experience of enlightenment is when it happens, but it’s all part of the process of awakening. There are many schools of spiritual thought that seek to offer methods and exercises to awaken a person to this sublime experience because enlightenment reveals the essence of your life and takes a person beyond this physical world that many of us believe is the only reality in life. When enlightenment happens for you, you awaken to a greater loving reality within yourself than you knew existed before. The desire to understand your enlightenment then becomes the path of your continued awakening process.

If one does not experience enlightenment in one’s lifetime, it does not mean that he or she is not on the path of awakening, or that one’s life is unworthy or meaningless. Every person on Earth is on the path of awakening, whether they believe or not – because life is more than we have been taught. The primary goal for each lifetime is to achieve the greatest amount of awakening possible so that the individual can grow in spiritual awareness and draw closer to the Source of Life (or as some would call it “God”). Each lifetime for all of us is profoundly important.


I would like to introduce you something that more and more people are becoming conscious of. If you are not familiar with what’s known generally as The Great Shift in Consciousness 2012 (it’s called by other names too), then I suggest you become familiar with it, because this is the direction our world is headed.

The Great Shift 2012 is the most amazing, most evolutionary event in human history. It coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. Mother Earth has made the decision to return to full consciousness in the fifth dimension, and those of humanity that want to go with her are being asked to raise their vibration. Hence, the importance of meditation and practicing spiritual principles cannot be underestimated at this time. Everybody is going through a metamorphous, new chakras are emerging into our lifeforce energy systems, the human body is gaining DNA strands to withstand fourth and fifth dimensional life, and the whole human system is transitioning into a lightbody. If you are not familiar with this event, I suggest you become very familiar with it if you want to transition with Mother Earth.

Here are some sources you’ll want to check out:
Master Kirael is a seventh dimensional being that is channeled through Fred Sterling. You can ask him questions and receive answers on his weekly internet radio program. The book, “Kirael: The Great Shift” and other books he offers might be interest to you. Sign up for free updates.
Shelden Niddle is a channel for The Planetary Federation, a galactic association of thousands of star nations. His mission is to spread the word about the role our galactic brothers and sisters play in The Great Shift. His book, “Your First Contact” is a great read. Sign up free for a weekly email updates.
Dianne Robbins is a channel for the civilizations that live inside the Earth. Her book “Messages from Hollow Earth” is mind-blowing. She also channels messages from Earth’s Cetaceans and Crystal People. Sign up for free email updates.


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