Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Aura

The Aura is alike a magnetic field in pattern; but not actually magnetic in characteristics as its electrical, which again surrounds the whole body of every living creature. This field will show the current health of the physical form and any future ailments before they actually manifest in the physical as an illness. Also the aura very clearly shows people's intentions, thoughts and actions, nothing can ever be hidden. The emanation of lines flows between the Chakras of the body, there are seven Chakras for the physical and two more for the Spiritual body; nine in total. Many constantly forget the two spiritual Chakras, and yet we are all spiritual beings; therefore they cannot be ignored.

All animals, plants, birds, insects and fish have, and can either see or perceive auras, cats are very special as they can see both the physical and spiritual planes at the same time, hence they are sometimes called the eye's of the gods. If someone could develop an aura camera it would save testing on defenceless animals which is completely wrong and against the laws of nature.

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