Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pray during .During A Psychic Attack

Pray for God/"the Light" and/or Jesus to:
Send to you a team of rescuing angels.
Ask that these angels rescue or remove any dark beings from you and fill you with light
Ask that they sever dark connections leading to you and to rescue or remove the sources of the connections
Ask that they remove and/or destroy any dark thought-forms (curses and such) attached or connected to you.
Ask that the angels shield you from further attack (at least for now).
Ask that your surroundings (your home, maybe) be cleaned of darkness and filled with light.
Ask for God's blessings and wisdom in your life.
Note: it helps immensely to elevate your spirit with thankfulness and joy if you possibly can

Drop any nasty, mean, or bizarro thoughts. Hang up! Disconnect! Shake free! Disown any yucky thoughts!
If it's dark, turn on a light. If it's nice out, seek some sunshine.
Pray! Pray to God, focusing on faith and gratitude as much as you can
Pray that God send a team of angels to assist you
Pray that God's will be done
Thank God
(If you feel nauseated by the idea of praying, it's even more important that you do so!)
Mentally "cut away" any perceived darkness from around you.
Get up and move around! (Wash some dishes ;)
Shut off your imagination and focus on the here-and-now. Definitely stop worrying and fretting!
Go grab something (preferably healthy) to eat/drink.
Distract your mind with a positive book or magazine. You can even use down-to-earth, purely materialistic catalogs if necessary. No weird stuff, just plain daily life stuff.
Get a tape or CD of hymns/good music and listen! (If it's late at night, you can fall asleep to the music. Cling to the uplifting quality.) Even better than just listening, sing along. Christmas music is GREAT for this.
Count your blessings -- list good and beautiful things from your life.
Do something nice for somebody. The below are some ideas.
Go write a loving email/letter/thank-you-card.
Report a cashier's friendly attitude to management!
Cut some flowers (or buy 'em) for your neighbors.
Volunteer with a soup kitchen or donate to an animal shelter
Give to charity -- yes, go write that check.
Just plain smile warmly at someone!
Pray for your friends and the people you pass by!
Key: care for someone else in a way that is absorbing and helps you forget your problems.
Long-term, go on a spiritual elevation "diet" -- see "Elevate Yourself" section below -- and strive always to move closer to God.

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