Saturday, April 07, 2012


Nirvana - Is a word or concept which is usually quite beyond Western comprehension. Probably Nirvana is the most misunderstood of Eastern terms;it is not a place and never will be. It is instead the elimination of those desires which are wrong. It is the elimination of scandal, the elimination of perjury, greed, lust, and other human faults.

Many scholars forget that when translating, there are countless words in the Eastern language that don't have any Western connotation; and vice versa. Because of this, many translations are bastardized according to whoever is doing the translation and to their way of thinking or belief.

If you find this hard to comprehend look at the many words used today which have no bearing on their original meaning. i.e. the word Gay originally meant joyous and in high spirits yet today it's been discounted and used to depict homosexuals and now the BBC bossed have ruled the word gay now means rubbish and is being used in schools; therefore it's fine to use on air. The word Wicked originally meant morally wrong and bad yet today it's also been discounted and used to depict excellent.

Society will except any false misconception as actual fact, and the proof today is in the humble coffee bean; because it's not really a Bean. The name bean was created and used by those in the coffee trade and it's really a cherry by the name of Peaberry. If you think how confusing this can be for someone today, then think what it will be like for those in the future trying to translate today's language, any translations will be mistranslated.

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